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Dr. Mengele Paper

"…When we stepped off the trains, we could hear soldiers yelling,'Men on one side, women on the other side.'Some German SS guards were also shouting,'We want twins-bring us twins!'"Dr. Josef Mengele was making the selections.He stood there, tall nice-looking, and he was dressed very well, as if he wanted to make a good impression…." (Lagnado and Dekel 31) It has been proven to say that around eleven million total were killed during the Holocaust, six million killed were Jewish (Dunnigan and Nofi 48), 1.25 million people were executed at Auschwitz (Wigoder, The Holocaust: Family 176), and 2,840 twins were put to their death beds by Dr. Josef Mengele (Lagnado and Dekel cover).Today we can see the Holocaust only as a nightmare, bot for those actually there, they lived that nightmare.In Auschwitz alone, 1.25 million people were executed bu either the crematorium, the gas chambers, or they were used as human guinea pigs by none other than the famous "Angel of Death" himself, Dr. Josef Mengele (Lagnado and Dekel 32).The man was pure evil with an instinctive intention to kill.Dr. Josef Mengele was one of the most feared medical doctors of World War II.
It was not until 1934, the Dr. Mengele actually became interested in Hitler's speeches and ideas.The center piece of Hitler's speeches was call for "racial purity", which was an idea the became the driving force of Dr. Mengele's existence, and with this time at the University of Munich, Dr. Mengele displayed more ambition then ever before, burning with the need to develop this study for "racial purity" even more.Early on in his studies at Munich, Dr. Mengele was introduced to the work of the social Darwinism.The social Darwinists believed that all social and personal problems were inherited, and they also set up a program to ensure that only the "best" people survived.The …

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