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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Paper

Dr. King's sermon: "Loving your enemies" shows and emphasizes that you should have your friends and family close, but your enemies closer.First, it impressed me due to the fact that he was sick that November 17,1957.Second, Dr. King's great advice and guidance throughout this sermon.Third, Dr. King's words were not timeless.
First and foremost, this sermon impressed me because November 17, 1957 King was sick and his doctor told him to stay in bed, but King put that aside, stood up, and went to do his sermon, example: "I am forced to preach under something of a handicap this morning. In fact, I had the doctor before coming to church.And he said that it would be best for me to stay in bed this morning.And I insisted that I would have to come to preach."In other words he put his people before himself.
Second of all, Dr. King's advice and guidance example: " He realized that it's difficult to love those persons who seek to defeat you, those persons who say evil things about you.He realized that it was painfully hard, pressingly hard. But he wasn't playing. Because Jesus wasn't playing; because he was serious." Dr. King wants us to be like Him, forgiving, sweet, and smart.
Last but not least, Dr. King's words in this sermon are not timeless.He got up and said what he wanted to say, gave his points and views on some situations and people understood him.People know what he's trying to say.One good quote that he says: "we cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall march ahead."
Dr. Kings sermon: "Loving your enemies" preaches that you should have your friends and family close but your enemies closer.First, it impressed me due to the fact that he was sick that morning.Second, Dr. King's great advice and guidance.Third, Dr. King's words were not timeless.Dr. King has

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