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Down Falls of Spartans Paper

The Spartan society, although very strong militaristically, had many down falls also.They had different ways of going about there daily routine.In Spartan society nothing belonged to you, any adult could reprimand your child, also they were to focused on the army.I am glad I do not live in a Spartan Society.
In a Spartan Society everything was everyone's.Anyone could just borrow other people's belongings such as slaves or tools.I know personally I do not like people coming and borrowing anything they want whenever they want.I realize their intent was to better the society, but I also think people need to be individuals sometimes and have there personal things.I think people should have the right to have their own property and do with it what they please.
I feel the most strongly about this aspect of Spartan society. I am against the community punishing everyone's child.I believe that your child is your responsibility to mold into what you want them to become.I would never let someone else spank, or scold my child if they had done something wrong.There has to be a bond between you and your child and that can not be messed with from other people in the community.These days we have laws that prevent other people from touching our children.I am also not fond of how the young boys and there mentors would "bond".I think it is disgusting how they would have homosexual times with the young kids.Even if your good friends with the kid, I do not think it is helping anyone in the community to do this.If you want to come close to each other then go out and play a game or eat together.There is no need for homosexual tendencies.
Sparta was mainly focused on the army; they ate well, worked out, and had bonds with one another.They did not take much time to develop the other parts of society, such as art, or music, or dance.Everything seemed t

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