Madness In Dorian Gray

On the excerpt analyzed, Basil Hallways paid Dorian visit to see why he had changed so much. Dorian leads Basil upstairs to where the portrait lies. Before murdered, upon seeing the portrait, Basil made a direct reference from the bible by saying “your sins be as scarlet, yet I will make them as white as snow’ also a simile, meaning that he could reverse the damage done on the portrait. After Basil analyzed the portrait and criticized it, Dorian had this epiphany and was overcome with a strong hate awards Basil.

Essay Example on Madness In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

With the use words like ‘mad’, ‘loathed’, ‘hatred’, which evoke a negative diction and somber tone, you can foreshadow that Dorian plans to do something not so pleasant with Basil. The theme of sanity versus insanity was displayed when Dorian stabbed Basil repeatedly and kills him. Dorian had become insane and does not know right from wrong. In Oscar Wild’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian is a dynamic character that was influenced to believe that he could do anything and not e punished because of his beauty.

After killing Basil, Dorian referred to his body as “the thing’. The symbolism being that is, Dorian no longer thinks of basil as human being, the imagery was used in the description how basil was killed and help envision the state he was left In, both adding to Doorman’s characterization. Dorian was driven by the mad passions of an animal, him being an animal himself.

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When describing how Basil was left leaning over the table with dripping blood, a lot of mommas were used for the reader to pause and draw emphasis on what Is being said.

Dorian Gray has gone Insane and became strongly Influence by Lord Henry. Decision-making became solely based on the outcome of the portrait, and since the portrait would hold the burden of all his sins Dorian feels he has the freedom to do anything he wants. Dorian has become an evil, cruel person with no feelings that switched sanity for Insanity having no conscience control over his actions.

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Madness In Dorian Gray
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