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Doom – Knee Deep in the Dead Essay

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This story begins in Kefiristan which is in the northern extensions of the Karakoram range, right between Afghanistan and Samarkand, Uzbekistan.Where Fox Company is completing a mission when they see some hooded figures in the darkness around them.The leader of Fox Company ordered that they shoot them down because they are enemies, but Fly Taggart believes that they are just monks.The whole group argues over if they should shoot them or not.Eventually Fly runs up to the head marine and punches him in the face, making him fall to the ground.The shaded figures disappear behind the fog.
Fly Taggart gets kicked off of Fox Company for hitting the commanding officer.He then is sent to from Earth to Mars as his punishment.While he was on Mars a distress signal was sent from Phobos (mar's moon).Fly was sent on a transport with Fox Company to see what was the deal.When they landed on Phobos Fly was seperated from the rest of Fox Company, he had to stay with two security guards t ill further instructed.While he was being guarded by the two guards Fox Company radioed to the guards that they were under attack and that things were coming through the gate.
Fly then knocks out the guards and takes their weapons and goes on a search to see what happened to them and to see if Arlene is still alright (his crush).On his journey he runs into a few things that were shooting at him, after he killed them he found out that they were zombies of some sort!Later he runs into more of these learning more about them by talking to them when they are incapacitated.Soon he finds out that all of the maps and radios are destroyed by something.Fly eventually finds the initials A.S. on a wall from what looks to be made out of crayon, along with these initials is an arrow.He believes that these markings are from Arlene because she was really into sci-fi movies and they watched one together, and this

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