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Domestic Violence Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a widespread problem, which occurs among all genders, ages, races, educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, which is more than muggings, car accidents, and rapes combined (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). Two to four million women are battered each year, and 2,000 of these battered women will die of their injuries (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003).

According to the Annals of Emergency Medicine, violence against men by women is increasing. A study was done in an inner city hospital where men reported slightly more physical violence than women (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003).

However, women reported more past and present nonphysical violence than men. Violence against women is an urgent public health problem that has devastating consequences for children and families. In addition, the U. S. Department of Justice reports that a husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend commits twenty-nine percent of all violence against women by an offender (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). Eighteen percent of women surveyed (17. 7 million women) have been raped or a victim of attempted rape during their lifetime, which was according to a collaborative study on violence jointly found by the Department of Health and Human Services and the U. S. Department of Justice (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003).

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Current research indicates that approximately 900,000 parents are beaten by their children each year; and the National Elder Abuse Incidence study found that approximately 551,011 elders were neglected or abused in a one year period (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). An estimated two million children in the United States are seriously abused by their parents, or guardians, each year.1,000 of these children will die as a result of the injuries obtained from domestic violence (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003).

Recent studies, also suggest, twenty percent of children will be sexually assaulted in some way, particularly by somebody they know (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). Domestic violence often makes the victim feel helpless and alone, but emergency physicians can play an imperative role when breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Even if the victim is not ready to leave an abusive relationship or identify the batterer, these physicians will recognize and confirm to the victim that domestic violence is a serious and life threatening problem (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). Physicians can let victims know they are not alone, they don’t deserve to be beaten, and help is available. Written materials with the names and telephone numbers of local shelters, advocacy groups and legal assistance are available to patients if they feel it is safe to take it (American College of Emergency Physicians 2003). Reference

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