Domestic violence as a medical case

In the research to be conducted there are important terms that are needed to be characterized and given meaning. These terms are either technical or used on a different context in the research process. Domestic violence is the most essential term in the research. It was considered to be a medical case due to the fact that the effects can be both physical and psychological in nature. The behavior of the violator can vary on the basis on the level of the pain inflicted on the victim.

These can be undertaken through spoken or oral maltreatment, physical and even sexual attack.

Oral or spoken abuse can be undertaken through bad language and even rise in intensity and loudness of voice and another is threatening. The physical maltreatment is another type wherein the effects can vary on the extent of the physical pain. Another is the sexual abuse that can occur even in married couple. It is the persistence of the male to achieve sexual favors from the female partner.

Financial abuse can also be included in the ways that can be considered as domestic abuse (Shipway, 2004). The definition of the domestic violence is one of the subject of concern in the study and resolution of the issue. The term can be defined on the basis of the two terms, the meaning of the term domestic and the word violence. The definitions may vary on the basis of the extent of the violation committed, the gender and other related issues that can cause disagreement in the understanding of the term (Roberts, 2002).

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Another term that was used in the research is the ethnic origin which is being considered as the ethnic background of the population. In the research process it pertains to the major groups that were included in the study, the white Americans, the African Americans and the Hispanic. These groups were referred to as the major groups in the United States that have significant distinctions. These are some of the terms that require clarification in the study.

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