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Do you Think Putting Native Americans on Reservations was a Essay

The Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the what we call today the United States.They were a people who possessed their own distinct culture who lived amongst each other in different tribes based upon their geographical location.They lived in harmony of the land utilizing all of its resources never wasting and always thankful of what the nature had to give them.The discovery of America was the beginning of the end of the Native Americans claim of these lands.With the landing of thefirst settlers the lands of the Native Americans began to become smaller and smaller.Their population began to diminish due to European diseases and war with the settlers of their lands.This was merely the beginning of the number of hardships that the Native Americans would have to face.As time passed the Native Americans lost more and more until the time came to where they were placed on reservations.Why were the Indians placed on reservations?Was it a good faith effort of the American government to give back to the original settlers of the United States for all that they had lost?Was it to establish some type of assistance in order to get the Native Americans on their feet and help them adapt to the American culture?The answer to all these questions is "NO"!The American Indians were placed on the reservations simply to get them out of the way of forward growth in the white Americans world.The reservations the Native Americans were placed on were of no value.They were in areas of no real economic growth.The American Indians were placed away and forgotten.Now this brings me to the question that has been asked.This to me is a very hard question to answer because two outlooks can be taken.
Thefirst opinion that can be brought forth is the fact that the reservations could have quite possibly saved the Native American culture.The Native American culture was diminishing.It was almost to the point …

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