Disposition of My Strongest and Weakest Points

I found it easy to peg these six as my strongest and weakest points and thought through of how to issues each and every one of them. Am a very’ accepting person, I’m the first person to introduce myself to the new kid in class, and often found myself giving tours to many new kids when was in high school. I’ve listed adaptable to change as one of my weakest points because of how accepting am. Was the first person my best friend came out to; I find people have a degree of comfort with me.

My Strategy of Adapting To Class

I think this is important in the area of childhood education because not all kids fit in with the majority, bullying develops where some children feel excluded in activities and as the trusted adult in the tuition, having a level of comfort with me will help them feel more safe and included. I also feel this helps with accepting situations along with people.

As much as I don’t adapt to changes, I will accept the situation. Believe that will be successful in early childhood education because am imaginative and problem solving.

This comes in handy with any situation involving children, when babysitting it easily helped me develop games to keep them entertained while also teaching them important lessons. Children are filled with imagination already and it seems to fade away earlier and earlier with very generation. I also listed self confident about abilities, meaning I am not.

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Enlisted my mother to help me pick out my traits because I couldn’t decide them on my own accurately.

I’m told constantly how smart I am but also how I hold it inside, hold myself back. That being said, a lack of self confidence never helped anyone get anywhere. My plan when it comes to this weakness is with this course, want to start trusting myself and what decisions I make. My last strength is that I’m patient with others; this comes in handy when it comes to children. Children are not patient beings at all; I don’t know how they survive all year waiting for Christmas.

That being said some children aren’t as fast to learn things in school, such as special needs children, and being patient with them will be positive to both of us. Some children do feel rushed and overwhelmed in school and I believe being patient with them will only help further their education and help them succeed. My last weakness is trusting Of others, this was another trait I enlisted my mother for, she tells me I’m too trusting of others and I agree.

I have always been the trusting one, someone people can count on even when I can’t count on them. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and my plan to fix this to develop a thicker skin when it comes to trusting. Not to say trusting someone is a bad thing, when it comes to early childhood education, trusting your children is great and the children you teach trusting you is even better. I believe I have many positive traits but the strongest ones would be that am very accepting, imaginative, problem solving and patient.

With all of those strong traits I have overall weak traits including that I am not very adaptable to change, am also not very self confident in myself or my abilities and I’m over trusting of those Of whom might not deserve it. Hope to improve on my weakest traits by improving myself and my education. Feel as my weakest traits stem from myself and that I can only change by changing and loving myself. I have explained how each and every trait is helpful in the world of early childhood education, even the bad traits. In conclusion, I can only get better by furthering myself and my education.

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Disposition of My Strongest and Weakest Points
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