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Discrimination1 Essay

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The crossing of the Mississippi was a depressing experience for Indians and Women, the minorities, in the 1800's.The long and harsh journey over scourging desserts, rock-strewn mountains, and icy rivers caused sadness and despair to both groups of people.
Thefirst group of people that moved west was forced to leave their homeland, Georgia.These Indians had developed an admirable culture and were civil humans.They adopted the white man's ways by wearing their type of clothing, learning to read and write, and even practicing the white man's religion (295).Major William M. Davis even said, "The Cherokees are a peaceable, harmless, people…(298).The man behind all of this turmoil for Indians to move west was President Andrew Jackson.He even said as an election slogan, that if you vote for me, I'd make sure all those Indians are removed.Unfortunately he is elected and carries out his promise of the elimination.This treaty was known as the "Indian Removal Act."By force the Indians were hauled out of their homeland to a foreign land with just the clothes on their back.After many loads of Indians were forcefully removed, the Indians wanted to move on their own peacefully.They started the Trail of Tears.During this long exhausting trip, there was little food and the water was contaminated (299).By the end of this journey over 4,000 lives were over due to the grueling passage to the west (302).
The women back in the 1800's were treated with a little more respect than the Indians, but clearly not equal to the male.After the faith of Manifest Destiny, a belief that Americans have the right to expand and explore across the entire continent, people started to head west.The funny thing about this was, the Americans had just pushed away the Indians, and now their following them out to the west, right after Jackson said they would not be disturbed ever again.What the

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