Discrimination against different minority groups

Throughout history many different minority groups have been
discriminated against. Although some of these minority groups are hated
many members of these groups continue to make positive contributions to
American society that help shape our country. One of these individuals is
Jackie Robinson. His influence on the game of baseball has set standards for
all of baseball fans to admire. The message he made Americans realize is
that Blacks are just as capable of doing things as whites are, and any other
Throughout most of American history African Americans have been
discriminated against for no reason other that the fact that their skin is a
different color. Hatred of blacks stems back to the days of slavery. Blacks
have arguably had it the toughest out of all of the minority groups in
American history. From being able to use the same bathrooms as whites to
not being able to attend school to not being able to hold a job just because of
The end of the civil war marked the time when the fight for equality
took full swing. After the war southern state legislators, dominated by
former confederates, passed laws known as black codes that severely limited
the rights of black. The codes were slightly different from state to state but
they usually contained limitations on black occupations and property owning.
In response to these laws, Congress, in 1866 seized the initiative of the
remaking of the south. Congress, especially the Republicans, wanted to
ensure that the south was correctly rebuilt with the newly freed blacks as
visible members of society.

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By 1868 integrated southern legislators had
repealed most of the laws that blatantly discriminated against blacks.
Many of these unjust codes in the south led to the creation of three
new constitutional amendments. The 13th amendment abolished slavery.
The 14th amendment made blacks citizens of the united states and prohibite…

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