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Diplocaulus Habitat Paper

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The Duplicitous is a very strange and mysterious animal from long ago. Scientists don’t know much about the creature. They know that the Duplicitous is a 4 foot long amphibian that lived in the early Permian period 250 million years ago. The Duplicitous lived in the USA and northern Africa. The Duplicitous lived near present day Texas, Oklahoma, and Morocco. At the time these areas were very wet and swampy. This is a perfect habitat because this gives the Audiovisuals the ability to be sneaky and to hide.

Essay Example on Diplocaulus Habitat

The Duplicitous needs stealth to catch its prey. The Duplicitous ate small animals like rodents and small reptiles. The Dimension was the main threat to the Duplicitous. The Dimension can eat the Duplicitous because of its razor sharp teeth. Its teeth can crush and eat the Duplicitous’ boomerang shaped head. The Duplicitous is like a present day alligator, but it has a boomerang shaped skull. The Duplicitous may not be the biggest animal out there, but it is very strong and it animal is fast.

The boomerang shaped skull acts as a hydrofoil which helps it get away from its predators. The Duplicitous hides in the mud and waits for prey to come and get a drink. Snap! If the Duplicitous was alive today people would never want to go swimming again. The Duplicitous is an interesting animal because of all of its unique and amazing features. It was an excellent hunter. The Duplicitous was great at adapting and surviving in the extremely harsh environments.

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