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Essay on “Digital Fortress”

I just handed over the session, namely, the subject of information security, when my hands got this book. The first 20 pages the author ochenvidno copied from some dvoishnika with cribs on the subject that I was going to take.

About the fate of your anegdote very funny =)

Perhaps, if this is not artless coincidence I would did not finish

Because of the book’s merits -. like a pseudo-scientific literature. I call pseudo-book, which supposedly built on some scientific or historical fact, but by themselves are totally artistic.

(Dumas loved to do in this genre, but it will not compare Dumas and Brown)

Digital Fortress Book Review

I like because it is somehow repelled by reality.

We must pay tribute to Brown, so that What, and he knows how to make a start.

But not fly.

Maybe it’s a completely disorderly translation, or maybe careless writings.

But it was read to me boring. Neither you paint, either you or less action, when turning the pages at lightning speed, so in your imagination for a moment is perfect to move heroes ….

then I probably dozed P …. Between preparing for exams … . as a sleep aid – book that we should ….

Heroes flat. . Which is not saturated, no description is not outwardly, nor is characteristic

Here’s the positive traits – are sympathetic hero. Here you otridtsatelnye – its untrusted

I do not like when the reader as to the rams.. I do not like when you do not leave a choice.

Read the book, if you have the time, if you suffer from insomnia, or if you like to pop pseudo-scientific literature.

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