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Difference In Perspective Essay

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Every day is a new day with some changes in the world. There is always a difference between yesterday and tomorrow. People thought changes were because of the environment. Due to changes in throughout life there has been an ever-widening gap between the older generation the younger generation. New generations follow a different style of thinking and behavior than the previous generation. Today, the generation from “Grandparents to Grandchildren” has changed significantly.

There was a time in the grandparent generation where seeing a pregnant teenager in High School was not a usual scene, but today it is typical. There is a noticeable cultural gap between the grandparents to grandchildren generation. Years back there were lots of traditions that were consistently adhered to. People believed a multitude of different beliefs. Older generations still whole heartily believe in them, but the new generation wants to make their own moves. They don’t like to believe anything that they haven’t seen.

They don’t like to be unfair. When it comes to expressing their feelings they don’t like to think about it twice. In the poem “Grand father at the Indian Health clinic” It was written, “At my insistence he wears his denim cowboy coat high n his neck; averse to / an unceremonious world, he follows me through / hallways pushing down the easy rage he always has / with me, a youngest child, and smiles”, The author describes how the grandfather Is over protective about his grand daughter just because she is female and she is young.

Differences In Perspective

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He makes her walk in front of him so he can keep his eyes on her. She is from a new generation, with new social norms, so she feels uncomfortable. Only because she respects him, she doesn’t refuse him. The older generation does not allow women or children to talk in front of them. That’s why she was little bit of afraid to talk back to her grand father. In the essay “Inspired Eccentricity, there is age difference between grand parents and their grand daughter, but there was no generation gap (peg 420 Hooks).

The grand daughter actually asked questions to her grand parents and they replied to her politely. “It was pure blasphemy for baby to teach that It did not matter what other folks thought, way have to be right with weasel In way own heart- that’s all the matters,” (peg. 423 Hooks) these lines show that her grand parents were committed to individualism. They taught her how to be strong. Her grandparents were utterly different. Even though they were from an older generation, their mentality was modernized.

Her grand mother was a woman of power. *She was the man of the house, where as in that generation women were usually just house wives and not allowed to talk. She was a woman of her word, passing that trait onto her granddaughter. Her grandmother inspired her. She encouraged her to be a strong woman. Her grandfather taught her how to stand up for herself. Although people can be from the same generation, they do not always share the same perspective, but here are some that come to share the same traditions.

The differences and similarities between the poem and the essay convey to the audience that no matter the differences between the perspectives, but they still end up missing their old tradition. As It describes In poem “for the young / Intern from New Jersey he bares have no turning”, that how grandfather misses his old days, that are never going to turn back. Upon having different perspective, there are still people who really believe toward new generation, and ready to accept future. Younger generation looks forward understanding and learning about past, and future.

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