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Dieting Sleep Paper

Sleep is a very important activity of the day. It is a time by which people get time to rest for their tiresome activities. Sleep, according from the article “Your Guide to Healthy Sleep”, it is a time when our body is resting, doing nothing while our brains stay active doing different actions on our body.

Studies show that most organisms, especially human beings use sleep as a form of rest for the whole day activity. However, the amount of sleep needed b a person varies with others. Generally speaking, infants or new – born babies require about 16 to 18 hours since that is the time when their bodies are being prepared for the upcoming activities for their growths and developments. Researches also say that the time of sleep decreases as a person grows older. Say for example the average hours of sleep of an adult ranges from 6 to 8 hours depending on his or her activities every day.

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Many studies, like with MedicineNet, show some examples of the advantages of a good sleep. Let us first define what a good sleep is: it does not merely depend on the quantity of sleep that we get each day but also by the quality we got for the whole time we are sleeping.

A cut or skip in our sleeping time may result in a bad, irritable, less energized and long day. Since we have not slept enough, the energies needed to perform our daily activities will not be restored accurately and adequately. Moreover, we may feel restless for the time that we will be working the next hours when we wake up for a cut or short sleep.

On the other hand, sleeping in an abusive manner can actually cause us disadvantages, like obesity, heart failures, and some digestive disorders. Either we obtain lack or excess of our sleeping time, the disadvantages count and can really affect the way we will handle things in the future.

Say for example, call center agents or technical sales representatives who use to obtain their sleep in a different time frame can have digestive disorders due to some adjustments in their diets. Obesity is also a side – effect of sleep due to metabolism and the same goes with diabetes.

It is important that we could have a complete evaluation of our habits that we are able to improve the necessary and remove the unnecessary tasks thus enabling us to achieve a healthy body and mind all throughout the day. This paper will focus on adjusting the amount of sleep I should be having every day, the reasons behind them and the possible rewards I will get for achieving my goal: to have an adequate and good quality sleep in 5 days.

I used to be…

In evaluating my activities for the past months, I realized that I am unconsciously doing a bad habit that leads me to getting a sleep during late night; that is because I am sleeping or taking a nap in the afternoon. Having so much sleep leads me to having a heavier body. I do not feel confident anymore with the calories I am saving in the afternoon, and it is a waste of resources that I get to bu new clothes for m additional size.

Let’s do the dieting

Since people are designed or are used to sleep at night, I have decided to control myself from taking a nap in the afternoon and just do some productive things instead. Talking to my grandmother or having a walk with m roommates can be a good outlet of this bad habit. Gaining insights from a well experiencing woman may be rewarding itself.

Since I really love being with m grandmother, it will be a fun experience to have her ever afternoon to talk to, besides, serving her would be fulfilling for me. On the other hand, my roommate is a good example of a physically fit woman: good and healthy skin, with good eye sight and good body, I guess.

I already had an arrangement with her to remind me of staying awake in the afternoon so that I will be forced to do something else or to have some sharing or fellowship in the afternoon. She happened to be a prayer partner, so it is a good opportunity for sharing our hopes and wishes for each other.

In order for me to achieve a physically fit body, I think I should be sleeping for about 6 – 7 sleep in a day for the whole week or even those 5 weekdays. That will not be easy since I was used to sleeping in the afternoon, but forcing myself to sleep may be a good help: doing a 10 minute meditation or by simply putting away my computer before 11 PM (such a destruction for m goal). The test or change in this behavior must take place and become successful by the end of this semester.

Rewarding still

Even though it will be difficult at first, I am aware that having the adequate sleep will help me improve my physical attributes also enriching my self – esteem and thus making my interaction with other people worthwhile. The benefits of the attainment of the aim of this change in my behavior can help me have my passes to Florida.

I shall be giving myself some break and that is to go shopping with my roommates in Florida. We may be meeting new friends there, and we may also gain a number of experiences that will add up to the fruit of my discipline.

Good and healthy body can be obtained through discipline. Since we already know the things, habits and actions that will make us physically fit, it is up to us to take the steps in achieving those. Perhaps a healthy body can also be connected with the other aspects of our lives such as with our emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual beings. Having enough energy for the next day will help us become upright and on the go.


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