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Did the Soldiers Themselves Give a More Accurate Essay

In this essay I will be comparing official accounts, soldiers accounts, paintings, poems, and textbook sources based on trench warfare. Section A is a series of textbook sources and I will be comparing these to sources in Sections B, C, and D. I will be also comparing these sources to a video that e watched in class. Whilst I compare the sources I will be considering the reliability, accuracy, validity, and the source of every different account. To find out how accurate each source is I will be discussing the provenance, content, other sources and my own knowledge.
I have taken into mind that the historians and soldiers will have different views to one another. Most information in the form of paintings and photo's would have probably been censored. All of the soldier's accounts would have been from memory and might not be as reliable as the textbook sources that are very reliable because they are secondary evidence. I will also have to consider the time that the source was taken or recorded, the location and weather the writer had a motive or not. Depending on the position that the soldiers were will make some sources less reliable. This is because one source could say that the soldiers were in a good condition and one could say they weren't. For each source I will be commenting on them and then comparing them to the other sources in the booklet that we were provided. If the sources that are in Sections B, C, and D can be linked I with the sources in Section A I will immediately know weather they are reliable or not, this is because the sources in section A are very reliable the information in the other sources that I linked to them has a very strong chance of being reliable.
I will be using section A, which are textbook sources as the basis to test the reliability of the official accounts and soldiers accounts. I know that the textbook sources will generally be reliable, as the historians have researched the info…

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