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Did Emperor Hirohito bear Responsibility for the actions of Paper

Emperor Hirohito ruled over Japan from 1926 until his death in 1989. He saw Japan through World War II, its defeat and resurrection from the ashes to become a world-renowned industrial and economic power. He was the grandson of the famed Emperor Meiji, who was generally considered to be one of the best emperors of Japan. Emperor Hirohito was the center of controversy during his lifetime and after it as well. During the Majority of the post war period. He was considered to have no legal responsibility for Japan's actions during World War II. The Occupying American forces after World War 2 decided not to put Emperor Hirohito on trial during the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal. The Tribunal and the American and Japanese Government took the position that Emperor Hirohito was a Constitutional Monarch and that he had had no real power during World War 2. They state that he was forced to accede to the wishes of an expansionist military or face a military coup, which would depose the Imperial house. Only later during the last few years of Emperor Hirohito's life and after his death have any serious investigations into his role during World War 2 occurred. Historians had found several facts that put serious doubts in the idea that Emperor Hirohito was innocent of War Crimes. Now the question is whether or not he was responsible for the actions of Japan during World War 2 and if so to what extent?
Some evidence that suggests that he might have had more responsibility for the actions of Japan during World War 2 then previous thought are the facts that the Meiji Constitution gave the Emperor enormous power. He was the titular Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. He could assemble and dismiss the Diet
, All laws and bills had to be approved by him before being passed. He also had the power to directly negotiate treaties with foreign nations. Besides the enormous power that the Meiji Constitution granted the Emperor, traditionally the Em…

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