Homeless Person's Diary Entry Analysis

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This sample paper on Homeless Diary offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.

It was another cold, damp night. I sat under the bridge listening and hearing every noise. I could her animals and people muttering in the dark misty night. The wind was getting fiercer now, whistling between trees as it started picking up the leaves of the floor. The stars in the sky were brighter then usual, they were shining and twinkling in the clear black sky.

It was like glitter on a black piece of paper. Time was going very slow, I didn’t know how to pass time. It was starting to get very cold now, so I curled up into a ball to make sure I stayed warm.

As I lay there my mind blank my eyelids started to get heavier and heavier and before a realised I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in a king size bed; I looked up at the ceiling and smelt burnt toast. It can only have been the misses again as she was late for work. I herd the door slam; the car start and she had gone. We were really happy together, but I don’t know what happened, we’ve been arguing a lot lately and I don’t know why. She always wants her own way in life, and she thinks that everybody else is wrong and she’s always right.

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We have been ignoring each other for the past 6 weeks; it was getting out of hand.

Romeo Diary Entry

She always said she is going to move about but I don’t know what will happen. I threw my head back on to the pillow and dozed tried to get back to sleep, but it was no use so I got up and did my usual routine. This was to wake up get ready for work and come home and go back to sleep, but today’s routine was different everything went as normal so far but when I came home, nothing was there everything had gone such as the furniture and the nearly everything else. There were only two things left. One chair which had a broken leg and a little note on it, saying leave house by 7pm new owners moving in.

I walked straight out didn’t even lock the door behind my and went to my best m8es house, but he didn’t even want to know me. Even my own brother he said nothing nobody wanted to know me at all. Since all my money was in my wife’s account I had nothing I even got the sack from my job since I had no home. Next morning I was woken by the community around me, who were on their way to work. Cars zooming past and leaving the horrible whiff of petrol behind polluting the air. I still lay on the floor, not wanting to face his miserable day. At the end I had to get up as my stomach started to churn and grind inside me I was feeling quite hungry.

I slowly leaned against the cold rough surfaced wall, and made my way on my feet. I walked on and on until I herd many cars, people making noises in the distance. I was getting closer to the main area of the town. As I approached these smartly dressed people in their flash cars I felt myself sinking inside, as thought I am not welcome here. I slowed my stride and now walking slowly, I looked around to see the others around me. As I walked along the hard surface I could feel the floor, as there was a hole at the bottom of my shoe, it was wet from the little showers last night.

I slowly walked on the side of the pavement grazing my wall by accident it was really stinging and I could feel it really starting to burn. I pulled a scruffy white bandage out of my pocket and warped it around my arm. My stomach still churning and grinding I was after some food. I digged my hands deep into my pocket and o only found a couple of pounds as there was once again a hole in my pocket. As I looked up again to see where I was walking I realised I came the centre of attention. I felt a shiver go down my back. Nearly evry1 around me started at me as I went past.

I felt scared and angry, angry because people shouldn’t stare its rude and scared because I thought they were going to hit me or shout. I quickly scurried past like a mouse tying to avoid a cat, and went into an Asian takeaway. I bought some food and as it was a Wednesday I set of to do my lottery, I did this only once a month, as I couldn’t afford it. It was nearly early afternoon and I smarted my self up before I entered the shop and walked up to the counter. I had my lottery numbers and I passed it to the cashier and she grabbed the ticket right from the corner as though it had a disease on it.

She kept looking at me from the corner of her eye, thinking I was going to steal something. As soon as I got my ticket I walked straight out of the shop and by now it was spitting so I went to the bridge I lay last night and snuggled up. It was boring sitting there but it I couldn’t do anything else as by now it was totally chucking it down. I was just staring into mid air and herd the town clock ring and then a further 8 bells after that. This meant it was 8 o’clock. Then I remembered the lottery ticket. I quickly got up, put my jacket over my head and walked on towards one of the TV shops.

I walked in the rain it was coming down really fast my jacket was dripping; it must have soaked enough water to fill a pint glass. I quickly walked on it was only around the corner. As I walked faster the rain seemed to get heavier and heavier I couldn’t see anything in front. It felt as though my eye sight was getting blurry I nothing was coming out clear bang! I hit something I fell to the ground. My head was thumping as though it was about to burst. The rain trickled from the end of my nose as I lay there it felt as though it was a dream. I shuck my head a couple of time then realised.

I jumped to my feet and walked towards the window of the shop. As I looked at the TV then to my ticket several times I realised nothing had changed I didn’t win anything it all, my head started throbbing even more now. I felt really lonely didn’t care about nothing I just wanted to win really badly. I walked slowly towards the bridge not bothered about anything just really disappointed. As I made my way to my shelter I stamped through puddles make my feet wet and my cloths. The rain was stopping now and I could see the sun peeping out from the clouds. I could even see a rainbow in the distance.

As soon as I got to the bridge, I slumped my self down onto the floor. I leaned against the wall whilst I could see little raindrops falling from the top. All the little birds had sat in the corners using it as a shelter too, so I wasn’t alone. I lay there my head still throbbing, my mind blank. Time was ticking by so slowly; I didn’t know what I could do. I then started to think how long could I last like this living on the streets. It was getting darker very minute now and was getting really tired. I found a blanket next to me, which I covered myself in and eventually I fell asleep. Another day was over.

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Homeless Person's Diary Entry Analysis
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