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“Dewey. Cat out of the library, which has shaken the whole world” Review Paper

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Essay on “Dewey. Cat out of the library, which has shaken the whole world”

If the title of the book and reads “Dewey. Cat out of the library, which has shaken the whole world”, it does not mean that the book itself shocked the world.

This book is intended not only for cat lovers, but perhaps most accurately to understand the author will be able to only those who have had cats, and have been to the end.

The genre of this book, I do not dare to define, but as I read, I had the distinct feeling that this literature is in the nature almost documentary * though its language is not so dry, and there is a subjective assessment of the events and personalities * and it lacks the x dozhestvennosti. From the book you will learn about the history of the State of Iowa, her town and Spencer biography wiki itself, or * It is appropriate to say -? “Autobiography” * All this will be set out solidly, with feeling, with only, with the arrangement, but only once here .. .slovno you read the essay, clearly limited scope, the business report. So when I started to read, disappointment-I inevitably had to wait for something else, it something more. I seduced a wonderful cover and annotation * and I have never met such books about the real-life legendary cats *.

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The truth is a description of universal love to Dewey, the relationship itself Vicki to it seemed to me a little feigned. And to be honest in the book I was most impressed by the story of her life itself-though the story she was on the optimistic note, in the course of the narrative it became clear that her life was not very easy, and the story is often punched me in tears.

< p> Still, I can say that in the course of the narrative generously advertised, touted Spencer and all of Iowa, I even suspect that Myron wrote the book not only for the cat, but for the most famous / fix history of their region.

Well, I would also like to add from myself that I do not see myself in the idea of ​​” Library Cat “- that is, the presence of all of an animal in the library, nothing special. I think we have in Russia is quite cats can reside in rural stores and a small library, but would not gadili where it is not necessary. And though in America the idea acquires a sensational * y and what to do over there, and this is strictly necessary to obtain special permission * to me it seems a bit wild. Sometimes it does not go in, as people from other cities, and sometimes even from abroad can come only to see the miracle of the book-cat and take pictures with him * that will take on the strength of 15 minutes * You can in fact … your cat to have a … is this not the same joy to children? Although, all I understand is not given. Can someone else answer this question my

Do not even know what I can say in conclusion -. “To read or not to read?” – is, alas, can decide only you .

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