Recognized Violation Of Cultural Norms

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According to the three social foundations of deviance: 1) Deviance varies according to cultural norms, 2) People become deviant as others define them that way, and 3) Both norms and the way people define situations Involve social power, all behavior whether good or bad Is shaped by society. When you are a victim of child abuse you social skills arena as strong as others.

When you’re being abused as a child you hold yourself back from society for fear that someone might find out about your situation. You don’t interact with others to assure that your problem isn’t the topic of discussion.

As a child, when o’er in a home where you are constantly being abused, either physically or mentally, then you perceive that as being a cultural norm.

You feel it is k to hurt others because that was how you were brought up. When you are raised in an abused home you may not understand what is classified as deviant to the rest of the world and therefore act in the way in which you know how. Official statistics indicate that arrest rates peak in late adolescence and drop steadily thereafter. As human beings, we all need to be loved. As humans when we feel that we are not being loved, we are determined to go and find love somewhere.

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Norm Violation Essay

And most of the times, as the saying goes, “… Find love in all the wrong places. ” When you are abused as a child you tend to cling to people or things that accept you and make you feel wanted. When you are not at home you are going to do any and everything you can to take your mind off the fact that when you get home you are in a world of hurt. No matter what It Is. It can be bowling, it can be reading, it can be watching movies, or it can be stealing, fighting, or even destroying property. As a child you are not as Informed on what is wrong and what is right.

And for the most part as a child you probably don’t are you Just want to be loved and be around people who don’t hurt you. As you get older In childhood the less you can depend on others and the more you branch out from your social norm. The moment someone comes to you and appears to care about you, or the first thing you find to do to take your mind off being abused, that will be the person and/or thing that carries you for the rest of your life. And as you get older you aren’t going to do It to the same degree as you did before, you are going to want to be more Involved.

According to Robert Marten’s Strain Theory, the extent ND kind of deviance depend on whether a society provides the means to achieve cultural goals. For example, people who are living In poverty see very little hope of being successful if they play by the rules and obey the law. If you are a child and you are Dealing souses, you see very little nope AT Dealing nappy unless you ay something to take your mind off of being abused. Because norms and situations involve social power, you are going to do something that makes you feel like a big person and that you have clout.

Even though there are productive things you can do that will allow o to achieve the goal of feeling like somebody, using unconventional means to achieve a culturally approved goal – also known as innovation – Just seems easier. But, there are, people who obsessively stick to the rules so that they at least feel respectable, this is called ritualism. There are some people who were abused as a child and decided that they were not going to live their life as a victim. They focus on the good to overcome the bad.

They don’t follow the rules to necessarily be successful but they continuously follow the rules because they don’t want to do wrong. Then you have people who when they are faced with the inability to succeed they retreat by rejecting both cultural goals and means. A lot of times, when you are continually a victim you get to the point where you don’t care about anyone else or anything, and all that matters is that you are content. You aren’t worried about being successful, you aren’t worried about doing right, all you are worried about is that you are feeling the way you are feeling because you made the choice.

Like retreats, rebels reject both the cultural definition of success and the conventional means of achieving success by taking it one step further and forming a counterculture and seeking new goals through new means. This also describes the theory formed by Richard Collard and Lloyd Olin, which propose that crime doesn’t necessarily result from limited legitimate opportunity but also from readily accessible illegitimate opportunity. Sociologist Travis Hirsch developed the theory that social control depends on anticipating the consequences of one’s behavior.

He assumes that for some, Just thinking about the reactions of family and friends is enough to make you o right, but on the other hand, you have people who think that they have little to lose from deviance and are likely to become rule-breakers. When you are a victim of child abuse, the place you call home is the worst and last place that you want to be. Therefore, you are determined to find someone else and something to make your return home a better one. According to Hirsch conformity is linked to four different types of social control.

First, you have attachments where strong social attachments encourage conformity, but also when you come from a weak family, peer, and school allegations – such as being a victim of child abuse – it leaves you freer to engage in deviance. Second, you have opportunity. The greater a persons access to legitimate opportunity, the greater the advantages of conformity. On the other hand, someone with little confidence, who constantly is belittled and made to feel inferior, in future success if freer to drift toward deviance.

Third, you have involvement. When you are extensively involved in legitimate activities, deviance is inhibited. On the contrast, people who “hang out” waiting for something to happen, or are trying to get away, eave the time and energy to engage in deviant activity. Lastly, there is belief. Strong beliefs in conventional morality and respect for authority figures restrain tendencies toward deviance. But then you have people who are constantly exposed to immorality or the lack of morality, have weak consciences and are more open to temptation.

Alexander Liaisons points out that the people we tend to define, as deviants, are typically those who share the trait of powerlessness. Being a victim of child abuse, winter mentally or phonically Is one AT ten ways people are mace to Tell powerless. It is at this point when they are forced to find something or someone else to occupy their time, ease their mind, better their situation, or even feel respectable. Not everything about deviance is considered bad. According to Mile Druthers, two of the four essential functions performed by deviance are that, responding to deviance brings people together and it encourages social change.

People typically react to serious deviance like in the September 1 1, 2001 attack where people across the U. S joined to protect the country and bring those responsible to Justice. Deviant people SSH a society’s moral boundaries, which is why many organizations are formed today. According to www. Childbeds. Com, child abuse can be labeled as anything from: child homicide, child pornography, child prostitution, neglect and abandonment, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual offenses, computer crimes, and even religious exemptions to criminal child abuse and neglect.

Just like there are many forms of child abuse there are also many ways to prevent child abuse. One of the best ways, I believe, is to stop child abuse before it starts through prevention programs. There are support programs for new parents which provide support for arenas still in the prenatal stage and for those in the post-natal stage. Then there are nationally known programs such as Parent Effectiveness Training (P. E. T. ), the Parent Nurturing Program, and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S. T. E. P. , which use various approaches toward parenting education and are distinct in their use of teaching tools such as reward and punishment, praise, and specific encouragement.

They even have a family screening and treatment program in which a visitor comes in the home to detect problems children may be having, Just to name a few. Under no circumstance should a child be abused. But in the horrible case that there are there are many ways to get help. A person should not have to lean to deviance to feel wanted, accepted, or loved. There are positive means to achieving desired goals.

Being a victim of child abuse, many things that affect me now could have been prevented if I would have had the proper care and treatment provided as a child my mother was a drug abuser and a child abuser. I got beat everyday all day and sometimes it took days for me to recover, I may have missed school, doctor appointment anything to hide the fact that she was beating me at home. Not only as I a victim of physical abuse, I’m also a victim of sexual abuse provided by my own mother and others in my family. Then one she finally cracked, she tried to kill me I got beat all day almost half dead.

Then she took a knife and stabbed 5 times and shot me in my arm and threw bleach in my face and told me she would kill me and bury me in the back yard and she was going to be on the run. She asked me did I have any last words and I told her to let me kill myself to you will not go to hell. She said no because she want me to die slow like I have made her do all these years because I was a mistake and a burden. Then someone answered my prayers and I made it to the hospital and they had to put me under Jane Doe to protect that she would not find me and try and hurt me again.

Before I left she told me if I told anyone what she was doing to me she would find me and kill me. Now I was a victim of psychological abuse. My mother hurt me so bad and installed so much fear in my heart and mind, to winner I outhunt 1 010 not deserve to De love or to give love. From tens a lot AT my personal relationship has failed for me. I think everyone is going to hurt me or leave me so I hurt them first so I can’t get hurt. Being abused at a stage where you are helpless and can’t protect yourself is cruel.

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