Develop A Workplace Learning Environment

The following sample essay on Develop A Workplace Learning Environment Even thought there is no fixed number of times you are required to attend at BBC music we believed that every year you should attend at least 2 performance (outside of the school) and 2 conventions on music. 6. 0 Implementation process The department head will be in charge of implementation for this policy in each department. In order for BBC team to be maintaining the high standard and level of education provided to their client it is important that the HRS department works with the department heads to maintain each staff files.

. 0 Ongoing veal equations Ongoing evaluation of staff has a number of uses: To continually monitor and review staff performance in conjunction with tragic direction of the organization To be used as an ad-hoc ‘project management’ tool where specific Steps may be measured and awarded as required. Annually all staff also required to do a staff appraisal to help them and the organization to focus on the development and direction which we would like to follow.

As we can see the policy that we have identify the staff development needs by using the Individual Performance and Development plan. We have 3 stages that is the underpin of the staff performance review cycle are seen below: Stage Steps 1 . Planning and objective setting Complete Individual Performance & Development Plan 1. Position Description Review 2. Goal/Objective Setting 2. Managing performance Timely, relevant feedback from the manager during the employee’s 3-6 month work / project period 3. Appraising performance (review period) Performance Review Period 1 .

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Manager preparation for the review discussion 2. The Performance Review discussion and Individual Performance & Development discussion 3. Upward Feedback discussion Below is the performances and development plan 1. 0 Individual Performance & Development Plan 1. 1 Position Description Review This form MUST be jointly completed by the individual and his or her Manager/ Supervisor. It should be used for the employee’s initial review and thereafter as a record of discussions for the second subsequent reviews.

On completion, both the individual and manager should sign below and forward the form to the Managers/Supervisors Manager, who shall then pass it to Human Resources for training assessment and filing in the employee’s personal file. Employee’s signature : Date: Managers/Supervisors signature Has the employee’s Position Descried option been reviewed? YES NO Please attach current Position Description If ‘No’, please review to ensure that Position Description reflects the current job by defining the tasks performed.

If ‘Yes’, please specify any required changes. This forms the basis for the review session between the individual and his/her manager. It may be filled out prior to, or during the performance review meeting. It is incomplete until such time as there has been consultation of all points with the employee. Employee’s name Date of discussion Position (Title) Manager’s/Superior’s name Based on the latest Individual Performance & Development Plan, comment on overall progress towards achieving the objectives Of the position.

Objectives Results/ progress If progress is not on target, what are the reasons and proposed solutions? Objective not on target Reason Proposed Solution Should the objectives be altered in any way? If yes, what should be considered? Objective Alteration / Change Employee’s signature: signature: managers signature: Supervisor’s/Managers Next level 2. 0 Individual Performance & Development Plan . 1 Performance Review Form This document is to be completed by both the employee and his/her supervisor, indicating a rating for each factor.

Salary discussions are not linked to this performance review it is a guide for you and your supervisor to give you both an indication of your overall performance and engage career progression. Performance Definitions Grading Level 5 A performance that substantially exceeds all objectives, targets and job requirements, reflecting outstanding overall achievements. 4 A performance that consistently and fully meets all objectives, targets and job acquirement and exceeds many, reflecting an excellent level of achievement.

A performance that substantially meets the objectives, targets and job requirements and reflects a valuable, good level of performance. 2 A performance that is satisfactory, requiring further development despite the relevant experience and development. 1 A performance that is unsatisfactory in meeting job requirements, reflecting serious underachievement. This section allows for the individual’s current performance to be assessed across a number of different areas. Any learning and development needs can also be identified.

Performance Factors Grading 1-5 Comments Knowledge of Job Understand procedures, equipment and methods, responsibilities and scope of duties Quality of Work Completing work thoroughly and accurately, to defined standards Volume of Work Completing assigned tasks and achieving required output in acceptable timeshares, meeting deadlines and dealing effectively with unplanned demands Communication Skills – Oral Communicating clearly, openly and honestly thoroughly and accurately in oral form Communication Skills – Written Communicating clearly in written form including grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Problem Solving Skills Recognizing and responding successfully to problem situations; overcoming obstacles, correctly diagnosing cause of problem Teamwork Supports others.

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