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Destination Medicine Essay

Chapter 4, entitled “Practicing Destination Medicine”, begins with an account of a patient presenting with weakness in his left hand. He took this problem to many specialists in an effort to find a cure or treatment before the weakness became worse. After procuring the opinion of several physicians – all of whom confessed uncertainty in the diagnosis – the patient came to Mayo Clinic and was evaluated, diagnosed properly and treated within the span of four hours.

This story is among several that give a similar account of lengthy, sub-par healthcare services provided at other institutions, and the stark contrast of efficient and accurate treatment given at Mayo Clinic. Chapter 4 attributes the relative success at Mayo Clinic to a systematic patient care regimen known as ‘destination medicine’. Destination medicine is time-restricted and provides accurate assessments by the top tier medical doctors that work at Mayo.

Due to the impressive reputation of Mayo, patients fly from various places around the globe, and the destination model practiced there is essential to the time-constraints of people who just flew in for the world renowned institution. Chapter 5: Partnering for Leadership Chapter 5, entitled “Partnering for Leadership” follows the story of a man who gave up his job as an administrator at Mayo Clinic and soon regretted his choice. The atmosphere of Mayo was so vastly different from any other health facility, and the contrast was so stark, the administrator claims he knew he’d made a mistake in leaving Mayo within ten days of leaving the clinic.

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In ten months, he returned to the unique institution, claiming “The teamwork, partnerships, and integration that I took for granted, the air we breathe around here, the culture of Mayo Clinic that permeates this place is incredibly unique” (Chapter 5). It is evident that the professionalism and efficiency that have earn Mayo its prestigious status and high caliber medical practice also draw a fierce loyalty from the staff. In chapter 5, the alluring modus operandi is the team-driven patient-first initiative.

Through collaboration and cooperation, the patients are offered efficient care as well as accurate diagnoses which are analyzed in the aforementioned collaborative process among the highly-trained professionals. In collecting different perspectives, the accuracy of the original diagnosis greatly improves and thus the time efficiency is improved. Chapter 6: Hiring for Values – And Talent In Chapter 6, entitled “Hiring for Values – And Talent”, the story is told from the point of view of a man who came from South Africa to the United States.

The physician applied at Mayo Clinic, and discerned two attributes of the clinic that impressed him above all else. The first was the teamwork he’d observed in just his short visit there; the clinic had a camaraderie that was utterly unique and likely contributed to its success. The second attribute was the evident commitment to excellence by all facets of the healthcare staff. The beautiful facility was home to some of the world’s most brilliant doctors as well as being stocked with the latest technological innovations in biomedical engineering.

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