Paper on Describing The School Environment

Describing the School Environment (Observation Essay)

Rondo Central Elementary School has a good environment. It is surrounded by many colorful ornamental plants and trees which are refreshing and nice to look at. As I’ve entered the school, observed that the surroundings were clean and well-managed. We went to the principals office to have permission and a purpose that we would be conducting an observation. I noticed that the office was clean, floors properly polished and wings were well-arranged.

School Observation Essay

When I went to the classroom, I observed many wall displays and learning materials such as charts and flash cards.

It looked nice, attractive and suitable for the age group of the pupils. They also have mini-library consisting Of different kinds Of books which were in good condition and well-arranged in the cabinet rack. While walking on the school corridors, I observed that they have a school garden filled with vegetables of different kinds. It was well-managed with fences made of bamboo for protection.

Their playground was wide suitable for motor activities of the pupils. They also have H. E room and Industrial Workshop Area which were clean and things are well-arranged. Then took a break and went to the canteen to have my snacks, I observed that their canteen was clean and foods being sold were nutritious. Classroom Facilities Matrix Classroom Facilities Description (location, number ,arrangements and conditions) Wall Displays There are many wall displays in the classroom such as pictures showing polite expressions, adding numbers and many more.

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It is in proper arrangement and in good condition. 2. Teachers Table There are two teachers table. One table is located in front of the pupils and the other one is located near the door. The two tables are covered with plastic and are nice and attractive. 3. Learner’s Desks There are 16 learners desks. It is grouped in 4 rows with 4 desks in each row composed of 2 students per desk. It is in good condition and are arranged well. 4. Blackboard There are 2 big blackboards being used located in front of the pupils.

It is lightly clean because there are some chalk mess. 5. Learning Materials or Visual Aids There are many learning materials or visual diseased such as books,charts and etc. Some are in good condition while others are not. It is properly placed. 6 . Comfort Room There is only one CRY , located on the right side of the room at the back side corner. It is clean and there’s enough water. 7. Mini-Library It is located on the left side of the room. It has lots of books & are properly arranged. Others are in good condition while others are not.

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Paper on Describing The School Environment
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