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Describe law and order in London in the late nineteeth Essay

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The police solved crimes by relighing very heavily on a huge network of information who roamed the dark streets of the east of London also they did door to door knocking and asking residents for answers, their was careful searches and enquiries which revealed very little because their were no real whitnesses to the Ripper attacks. The police had a tough image as they didn’t carry weapons on the streets, when the police was scared they were eager to resort to the army. Capital punishment was meant to stop deter criminals.
(The threat of capital punishment or transportation). The number of crimes punishable by death had reduced from the early nineteenth century of about 223 crimes to 50 by the end of the century because it was clear that these punishments didn’t work.
The polices reputation was not respected because in investigations the police showed force and made no nonsence approaches and were very tough mainly only the unruly poor e.g. in 1887 a mass riot of the unemployed in Trafalger squarem, which sir Charles Warren suppresses through military force.
The police investigations on crimes derived from the politics. Corruption had been uncovered in the higher areas of the CID. The met police were regarded as an increasingly militaristic force as the press had supported the forces and law and order in cracking down mainly in the unruly poor then began to support the working classes.
Societys problems was that there was too much alcoholism in the streets and alot of thefts and alot of pick pocketing, other society problems was that there was over 1,200 prostetudes in the streets and in doss houses so the crime rates had been rising. Crime is rife because there is so much unimployment and it is increasing so it means that people need the money and the only way of getting money is to steal from people and places. Crime is also rife because the streets were like mazes and dark also very crouded, their was dirty side streets and a…

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