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Descartes Essay

The challenge facing theologians is the problem of evil that questions the existence of an all-good, omnipotent God when evil co-exists. The theologians suggest solutions as to the co-existence of an all-powerful, all-supreme God and evil, which seems to contradict everything that God promotes.In this essay I willfirst discuss the theological problem of evil and the significance of human free will on the problem. Finally I will present the arguments of J.L. Mackie against the solutions of the theologians in his essay"Evil and Omnipotence" that state that evil cannot co-exist with an omnipotent, all-good God.
The problem of evil challenges the popular idea that God is all- powerful and all- good and yet still logically co-exists with evil. An all-good God would not create a world with evil because it would contradict his or her position of goodness to create a world where evil exists. In addition, if he or she had desired to create a world all good and failed the idea of his or her omnipotence or supreme power would be destroyed. The problem then is how can the world be controlled by an all-good, supreme God if it seems evil is either out of his or her control or created by him or her.Critics most commonly offer the free-will defense as a solution to the problem, claiming that God allows evil to occur for the better good of humans possessing free will. If he or she restricted humans from doing evil, then he or she would be limiting their right to have free will and therefore accepts evil as a necessity of free will. The argument, though, falls short of resolving the problem, as it does not address critical objections. First it does not approach the issue of natural evil, such as floods, hurricanes, birth defects, etc. If God was allowing evil only to maintain free will, he or she would not allow evil that does not pertain to free will to exist, as it serves no purpose. The second problem the free will argument does…

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