Today we are gathered to mourn the most untimely death of depression. We are here to offer our condolences to depression’s closest company: self-pity, regret, and anguish. Depression went by many different names, to give just a few: sorrow, melancholy, desolation, and many more. Depression led what would most consider to be a successful life, it crept in, influenced many decisions, changed ways of thinking, acting and talking, it took over gradually when finally all that was evident was the effect depression had on those it influenced most.

Yes, for some occasions, depression lost the battle to the courageous ones who chose to fight against it, but for most depression won the long and timely battle. Now I will be the one to mediate the influential life of depression. I remember the day depression and I met, I was only twelve but I realized at that very moment depression would have a major impact on my future and I was right.

Depression continued to afflict me; gradually tearing me away from friends, family, and from any trace of a life I once had lived. But slowly I let everything I once held dear slip through my fingers like sand and I did nothing to stop it.

I ceased caring about what mattered most and I recall when I started taking my depression out on myself when I couldn’t control my depression. It took me years to adjust to depression but eventually depression and I became very close I figured it seems as though I can’t get rid of it now might as well embrace it and that’s exactly what I did, I got very used to the affects depression had on me.

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In fact you could say depression and I even had a relationship of sorts, more of a mutual relationship than anything else. What depression and I had was each other and I believed for the longest time that that was the way it was always going to be.

Well that was my circumstance, I had depression and depression had me; there was no going back and once I understood that everything became clearer. Clear as ever how I should manage my life. Depression had the effect on me to start drawing again, writing poetry, and even harming myself physically. What did depression receive in return? Well, depression received the satisfaction of making me miserable and that couldn’t make depression any happier. Ironic isn’t it? As I said before depression convinced me to start writing again. I recently read one of my dearest works.

One that I can solely contribute to my good friend depression. I am going to recite a section of the poem depression helped me write: Now to consider what I want most does nothing more than humiliate me. Thinking of what I could’ve prevented seems to astonishing now. As if too difficult to fathom the nonsense of a most basic question. That is, why breath? Why deal with such anguish for only one happy smile. Not to last forever. Not even for a week. Though such easy questions would for most become as easy an answer not for me. with each step I take it sounds more and more lonely. I now think of nothing to save me.

Depression was born August 26 2003 and died April 30 2009. Depression led a successful life. Depression was also good friends with one of my own family members. Unfortunately depression had a bigger influence on Steven. Depression took Steven from us January 12 2009. It was only then that I realized depression was too prominent in my life. I can’t honestly say many goods things about depression except for the fact that it made me stronger and now that it’s dead in my life I will never have to go through that experience again. Although I can thank depression for one thing, for showing me how beautiful life can truly be.

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