1. Problem Definition The Dental Clinic wasn’t not that modernized, they didn’t have a system, which can help them on faster and accurate access in all of their records according to every transactions they had every day. Including to this problems are the manual record keepings, scheduling of every patient’s transactions, billing and payments, revenues and expenses of the clinic and lastly the reports of monthly transactions that occurred and the progress of the Dental Clinic.

2. Major Objectives The major objective would be the existence of a system which could be helpful to both users and clients as well.

A system which could fulfill or solve every problem that was listed and everything should probably work well, that will help the dentist or the clinic to record all of the transaction made by them, to compute all of their expenses, to record their bill and all of the outside payment and to make every transaction’s accurate and useful on both sides and the existent of a new and modernized Dental Clinic.

3. Conceptual Model

4. Scope or the Study The scope of this study will be more focused on the problem and major objectives of the Dental Clinic itself. Where we can conduct a study and interview about the Clinic and to summarized and create a solution in the end.

Dental Clinic System

5. User Beneficiaries The Dental Clinic’s beneficiaries would be their patient’s or clients that will undergo on a dental check up. It will also help the user for the faster process on every transactions and to avoid the lost of records and forgotten schedules or appointments of the clinic.

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6. Nature of the Study

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Dental Appointment System
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