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Calculation for uncertainty of the mass of water Paper

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The mass of the water is taken in 5 decimal places, therefore, the uncertainty of its mass is extremely small, and hence, it is negligible. Calculation for uncertainty of the density of water The gradient of the minimum slope is 995 The gradient of the maximum slope is 1040. 2 The uncertainty of the density is determined by the difference of gradients of he minimum and maximum slope and then divides by 2 The uncertainty of the density of water = 1040. 2-995 = В±22. Keg/mm Calculation of Average Density of the Water The density of the water is the gradient of the slope, which is shown in the graph which is 1024. 1 Keg/mm В±22. Egg/mm Using the processed data in Table 2, a graph of Volume of water against mass of water is plotted. Graph 1 Graph 1 show that there is a positive relationship between the volume of water and mass of water. The line of best fit is a straight line. The uncertainty for the volume of water doesn’t really make an impact on the mass of the water because unman error occurs. For the x-axis, the uncertainties were calculated and shown in Tablet.

Conclusion: Comparison with hypothesis The hypothesis at the beginning of the experiment was “density of water is 999. 97 Keg/mm according to Pouched “. Based on the results obtained in Table 2 and Graph 1, the average density is 1024. Egg/mm В±22. Egg/mm. If uncertainty is minus away, I will get a density of 1001. 5 Keg/mm (1024. 1 Keg/ran- 22. 6 Keg/mm). The data doesn’t support the hypothesis. I didn’t get an exact density of 999. 97 Keg/ mm. There is a difference of 24. Keg/uniform the actual density. 1024. 1 Keg/mm 999. 97 Keg/mm = 24. Keg/mm Evaluation: Accuracy and Reliability of the Results The average density doesn’t support the hypothesis. The difference is 24. Keg/ mm. This is because of the water. The water isn’t purified enough as we use the water from the tap. There are some other impurities in the water. I didn’t purify or filter the water until I get impurity free water. Analysis of Random Errors Random Errors Improvements made/ Ways to Improve The reading of the volume of water. When water is poured into the measuring cylinder, I took the reading. Take the reading few more times to ensure an accurate reading of the volume of water.

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Analysis of Systemic Errors As the experiment only needed apparatus like digital balance and measuring cylinder, there weren’t much systemic error. The errors and uncertainties are mainly due to human and random error. This happens when I was taking the reading from the measuring cylinder, parallax error occurred. Hence, the experiment should be repeated more times. Besides that, error occurred when was taking reading from the digital balance due to the surrounding factor. Therefore I switched off the fan and make sure there is no any other digital gadget near the digital balance.

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