Demostration Speech Topics

The following sample essay on Grade: 95 Instructor: Dr. Hayes Cynthia Horne Date: 9-25-2012 Topic: How to Check Your Blood Pressure Type: Demonstration Speech Mode: Memorized Introduction: I asked several questions to get the attention of my audience. This speech was a chance for me to share steps and experience on checking your blood pressure only takes 30 seconds. The steps were clearly stated, first choose the right equipment, second, stabled patient and third the right size blood pressure cuff. Blood pressure issues can strike at any age.

The chaos, confusion and disorder in life will still be there. Keeping your pressures check will ensure you not having a heart attack or stroke. I spoke of having to check my blood pressure on regular basis. These easy steps are how I keep my doctor informed on the high and low of my pressure on a weekly basis. Body: My thoughts were organized logically. The main points were clearly explained. I took the listeners systematically step by step; bring in a short YouTube video of two ways on how to check your blood pressure manually by using the arm cuff or using a wrist cuff.

I demonstrated this on a live patient.

Demostration Speech

I included a little comedy build up to make my patient feel more relaxed. I wanted to get the best effect as possible. A source was cited as stated in the video, normal pressure is 120/80. The three steps I used to show how to check your blood pressure was supported in my speech.

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The evidence was clear and current. Conclusion: I have been battling high blood pressure for a few years now. I was on my way to having a stroke. Thankfully it was caught in time. It is a frightening experience that will challenge who you are, what is genuinely important to you and what your life is all about.

I suggested to my audience to take The American Red Cross “vital signs” course that lasts about 2 or 3 hours. It is easy to take your blood pressure. It only takes 30 seconds. I adapted to my listeners feedback. My story received maximum impact. Other: I took a couple of slow deep breaths before I started. I focus in on my audience. Instead of looking down while doing my speech I look around the room making eye contact with everyone. I remembered that they are individual people, they are my classmates. I worked on the introduction so my speech will get off to a good start. I use video to create interest, draw attention away from me. My voice was not as shaky; therefor my tone of voice was smooth. I used my arm and hands to help tell my story effectively and drive home my main point. Materials List – Omron – Automatic Blood Pressure with cuff – Live patient – YouTube video – Brochures Comments: Evaluations from my peers was on a grading scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the strongest. I received a majority score of 5 strong points for organization, content, and delivery.

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