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Demand For Coaching Holidays To Scotland Tourism Essay Paper

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My concern has been created on the footing of cognizing that Scotland is one of the most internationally known states for its civilization and beautiful scenery. It ‘s based on a coaching vacation for 5 darks, 6 yearss that will be suited for people who enjoy scenery, touring, civilization and heritage. It will be run by a medium – sized company located in Edinburgh that is called Saltire Tours and will be aimed at European tourers. Reasons for puting the concern in Edinburgh are that it ‘s the capital of Scotland and has some antic history for all to see. This study will be a touristry merchandise analysis of what the concern has to offer and what factors will impact the operational side of things. PEST analysis, Competitors and Consumers are all of import and will be explained exhaustively as to what and how they will impact the concern.


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This research study will look into the factors that could impact demand for training vacations to Scotland from the European Market. It is based on a coaching vacation run by a medium – sized company based in Edinburgh that is called Saltire Tours. On completion, the study will be an analysis of the external environment and a merchandise analysis to place and warrant the cardinal characteristics of the merchandise in which the merchandise will run. Factors being analysed will include Political, Environmental, Social and Technological ( PEST ) and will demo how they impact both positively and negatively on the Coach Tour Company wining. A rival analysis will besides be carried out to measure and discourse what sort of menace ( if any ) that may present to the tour/programme. Another portion of this study will include findings for a consumer analysis to find the Market overall for the Coach Tour Company. The merchandise itself will be given in item to explicate the key characteristics and why it should be introduced in the touristry industry.

Pest Analysis

Factors that may impact Demand for manager vacations in Scotland involve:





Political factors that may impact manager Tourss could be recent terrorist onslaughts in Britain, which occurred in Glasgow Airport the 30th June 2007 and London 7th June 2005. Author Chris Greenwood ( 2008 ) wrote about the adult male who was behind the onslaughts “ Abdulla realised his mission had failed, he dressed in a ruddy and white headscarf for the concluding self-destruction onslaught on Glasgow Airport ” . Another job was the Icelandic Volcanic episode in April which closed European air space. These incidents could set people off going to the UK, which would impact Scots Coach Tours as they are based in Scotland. Higher degrees of security and ordinances are now put in topographic point at airdromes, which is more clip devouring for travelers, and it ‘s more inconvenient doing people to be impatient when going. Besides rising prices rates in the UK are forcing up monetary values for visitants such as fuel costs and 17.5 % VAT which would impact Coach Tours as they use Coachs for taking their tourers around Scotland.

The Coach Company will be a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme as it will assist promote the touristry concern to be environmentally friendly. The Coach circuit will profit from this as it will hold a positive consequence on visitants booking up for circuit bundles as visitants are now really witting of the environment and will appeal to ‘eco-conscious ‘ visitants particularly.

Social factors could affect the fact that European visitants find touring vacations really popular in the class of different vacations ( see appendix 1 ) which is good to the company as we specialise in Coach Tours in Scotland. Besides another societal factor could be the eruption of Swine Flu that has hit Scotland and assorted other topographic points throughout the UK, this may set people off going doing the touristry industry to endure. A positive societal factor could be that Scotland has a batch of historic and cultural attractive forces that people overseas would love to see ; this will promote more people to see Scotland intending a possible addition of consumers for Saltire Tours as we specialise in civilization Tourss.

Technological factors could impact Saltire Tours due to the Internet now doing it possible to book straight with circuit operators which will be a positive as it saves paying the Travel Agent committee. Saltire Tours will hold their ain web site and ‘E ‘ booklets. Besides there are new developments in aircraft engineering, which cuts down going clip being a positive for the International visitants coming to Scotland for a Culture Tour of Scotland. There are more comfy managers for touring these yearss with Television ‘s, lavatories, and cyberspace installations on board the managers which we will take on board and supply our visitants with luxury managers during their clip with us.

Rival Analysis


We have looked at two other Tour Companies that are in the similar market. The Analysis of each company compared to ours will assist us happen out the positives and negatives of our concern and what we can make to better the Culture Coach Tour through other rivals.

Haggis Adventures

Their Tourss include an escapade with like-minded travelers ; conveyance and a tour usher. Saltire Tours will include Transport, Blue Badge Guides, and Accommodation, Food, Excellent Customer service and First category attractive forces as a bundle. Haggis Adventures do n’t organize everything for your circuit, you have to do your ain adjustment agreements, where to eat and you might non see some of Scotland ‘s finest attractive forces. This is decidedly a opportunity for our concern to present a bigger and better bundle for tourers that want to loosen up and hold a great clip cognizing that everything is traveling to run swimmingly and at that place wo n’t be any emphasis as everything is arranged. Besides Haggis Adventures are more for the younger coevals and since the highest proportion of tourists sing Scotland are in the 20 to 60-age scope they would bask Saltire Tours better as our circuit is suited for that age class. Saltire Tours will besides specialize in Tours whereas Haggis Adventures does n’t, this will be a strength to Saltire Tours. However, a failing for Saltire Tours is that Haggis Adventures have been running for 5 old ages and have experience in this field of touristry whereas Saltire Tour is merely get downing up as a trade name new merchandise.

Moray Tours

Moray Tours in Scotland offer quality, flexible civilization Tourss for up to six people. Whereas Saltire Tours will offer choice civilization Tourss for up to 20 people which is a strength in the touristry Industry as Saltire Tours can offer much more to the Tourists in a manner smaller circuit companies ca n’t. Their Tourss merely start in Elgin whereas Saltire Tours will be really flexible and can pick visitants up from wherever the circuit group suits which is another strength for Saltire Tours. A strength that both Moray and Saltire Tours portion is the quality of the circuit ushers on their managers and the comfy managers they both use. A menace to Saltire Tours could be that Moray Tours is good known and this could impact Saltire Tours concern. Besides on their web site, there is no reference of a monetary value for Moray Tours whereas Saltire Tours gives a bundle monetary value for the whole circuit doing it stress free throughout the vacation.

Consumer Analysis

The market size for our concern will be comparatively large as we will be taking our Tourss at the whole of Europe. It has been found that specifically German and Italian tourers will be interested in our Tourss as Germany is the highest ranked in footings of trips, bed darks and outgo, where its ?187million figure is dual the following ranked: Italy ( Visit Scotland ) . Factsheets on these states will be sourced at the terminal of the study ( see appendices 2 & A ; 3 )

Notice our mark market ( abroad ) In June 2010 to August 2010, the seasonally adjusted figure of visits by abroad occupants to the UK increased by 6 per cent to 7.6 million, when compared with the old three months. Associated disbursement by abroad occupants on visits to the UK increased by 7 per cent to ?4.4 billion ( National statistics ) . Our manager circuit company will concentrate on these months on advertisement to pull big Numberss of tourers seeing as these are the most popular months for our mark market.

Visits from Europe have increased from 16.1 million in 2000 ( a 37 per cent addition ) and

are now about the same as in 2000. ( Office for national Statisticss 2009 ) Besides 22.1 million of the entire 29.9 million visits to the UK in 2009 were made by air. ( Office for national Statisticss 2009 ) Therefore our consumers will be going largely by air to Scotland which will be included in the bundle monetary value. This will be good to Saltire Tours as we will be able to utilize SGIT menu block on a footing, which will be the ideal scheduled air hose for Saltire Tours visitants to wing with, as it ‘s a flexible continuance of 5 darks, which SGIT caters for.

Merchandise Analysis

Description of basic merchandise offering and merchandise characteristics

Our Coach Tour Company has constructed a 5 darks, 6 yearss Tour suited for people who enjoy scenery, touring, civilization and heritage.

Scotland has been one of the most internationally known states for its civilization. As our state has developed over the many 100s of old ages, it has developed a civilization that is both interesting and absorbing. St. andrew’s cross Tours have taken clip to develop a manager circuit suitable for the International visitants that will run into all their vacation demands. They will bask life in some top category hotels, these include: The Balmoral Hotel, Thistle Hotel, Stirling Highland Hotel, Royal George Hotel and Poppies Hotel. Visit Scotland ( 2010 ) surveies show that Hotels remain the preferable adjustment for international tourers.

The topographic points they will see on this 6-day circuit of Scotland will include two of the major metropoliss: Edinburgh and Glasgow. Besides Stirling, Crieff and Callander will be included in the circuit. They will see our manner of life whilst life in a tenement edifice, to sing some of our all right art galleries. We have besides included in the Tourss some of our all right whisky distilleries to see Scotland ‘s celebrated drink and whilst they are holding merriment during the twenty-four hours, they will besides see Scots amusement at its best! This will include Scottish pipe music, Celidh, Poetry and a concert affecting Accordions and violins.

Whilst the International tourers will be entertained by Scotland ‘s well-known attractive forces such as Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Sir Walter Scott ‘s House and Stirling Castle, they will be able to wanton in Scots culinary art throughout their stay and happen out how it feels to be Scots!

The hotels they will be remaining in will be no less than 3 stars and they will be situated in the countries of involvement to accommodate the Tourss to do them run every bit swimmingly as possible. This complies with the Green Tourism Business Scheme, which is the national sustainable touristry enfranchisement strategy for the UK. All the hotels are members of this strategy.

Justification of why this merchandise should be produced

This merchandise should be produced as Scotland does n’t hold a company like Saltire Tours. There is surely Coach Tours available but none are specifically tailored down to ticket item like our concern will bring forth. Our consumers will see everything at that place is to love approximately Scotland from sing the nutrient, scenery, civilization ; they will surely cognize what it ‘s like to experience like a true Scot by the terminal of their vacation. Another ground is that non many companies offer a unworried vacation in Scotland where all their demands are met and international tourers will non cognize where to get down on sing Scotland. Saltire Tours will organize everything from adjustment, conveyance, attractive forces, wining and dining to flushing amusement as a bundle holiday monetary value devising certain what is included is merely the best and relevant to international tourers that wish to see Scots Culture.

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