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Defining the Family Essay

“Everyone bring it in! Good workout today, and tomorrow lets get after it. Family on three all in on six. 1,2,3, family,4,5,6, all in.” The Hampden- Sydney basketball team ends every practice likes this. We do this because we are a family no matter where we are from and how we got here.Family is defined by humans themselves just like many other aspects of the social world.

Family means everything to me, its not just the people who are related to you, but the people who have relationships with you. The people who you will do anything for and cherish the most are considered family. Would you take a bullet for someone who is not blood related to you? That person that you would take a bullet for is your family, whether a brother, sister, mother or father figure. Those types of people are very rare and you should always keep them in your life no matter what.

In earlier times family was used to describe “the servants of a particular household or establishment, considered collectively.” (OED) This was the earliest use of family and it was described as family of servants. This type of family is rarely used and considered very historical now. I believe they were talking about slaves at this time, and how they were described as whole. Most servants of a household back then probably cared for the other servants just like a family because they had to stick together.

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The most consistent use of the word family is normally described as “a group of people living as a household, traditionally consisting of parents and their children, also any household consisting of people who have long-term commitments to each other and are usually raising children; such a group as a fundamental social unit or institution.” (OED)Families operate as a system mostly from children talking to their mothers and then to their fathers causing influence to upon the child. The parents then influence on each other in terms of parenting styles and influencin…

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