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Defining Sportsmanship Essay

Essay Topic:

The definition of sportsmanship is ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event. To go along with this the definition of sportsmanship, a good example of sportsmanship is a football player being respectful through out the game. Showing good sportsmanship is encouraging others to keep playing and giving them respect. An example of horrible sportsmanship is cursing and being disrespectful to other players on the opposing team as well as your own. Now actions like that help nothing, not the game, not the atmosphere, nor the morale of the player.

I have shown unsportsmanlike conduct before. May it be from throwing objects or even yelling at other players. At no point in time is any of that acceptable. Nor will it ever be, it doesn’t show maturity. From that moment on you are now in a state of mindthat makes you a liability to the team, and a danger to be around others. Showing poor sportsmanship prompts a negative image on your behalf. Unsportsmanlike conduct should not be a problem when dealing with adults. Unsportsmanlike conduct is seen in professional sports as well. A example of that is Ndamukong Suh stepping on Aaron Rogers injured leg after play. After that Suh was seen as the “dirtiest player” in the NFL in 2014. Rogers wasn’t injured and let his team to win.Another example is Odell Beckham Jr a wide receiver on the New York Giants taking a cheap shot on Carolina Panthers corner back Josh Norman. Luckily Norman wasn’t hurt due to Beckhams actions. Odell Beckham was find for his actions to show that actions such as that is not tolerated. These examples are not to say that these men are horrible people, but the decisions they made was not the best but nothing is stopping them from getting on the right track. February 2016 linebacker Vontaze Burfict took a helmet to helmet shot on defenseless Antonio Brown a receiver on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Leaving Brown with a concussion…

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