Decisions Determine Destiny Essay

When this happened to him it really hit home of how true this quote truly is. He began in high school experimenting and doing things that were against his beliefs Just to have some so called “fun”. I tried helping him and explain to him that wickedness never was happiness but It was hard for him to understand. While I was serving my OLDS Mission this accident took place. He went on vacation with 3 buddies to a friend’s birthday party.

That night he himself was not intoxicated but he put himself in a situation in which those around IM were drinking. He decided not to participate and went out to the car to sleep. While sleeping, his buddies came back, Intoxicated, and decided they would go home that night instead of waiting until the next day to head back home. They didn’t put their stables on nor on my friend who was still asleep as they drove home. Now, the kid who was driving drunk, fell asleep at the wheel, and the car rolled and my best friend flew out the windshield, landed on his head and was pronounced dead on the scene when the cops finally arrived.

Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny

My friend had a dream of being a successful assessing, a wonderful husband, father, brother and uncle. Therefore, he let his passions or what he wanted at the moment get In the way to have so called “fun”, his dreams were destroyed. I didn’t get to say goodbye or even attend the funeral, but I ended up learning how life can be gone in the blink of an eye and how truly precious life is to you and l.

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Life is not a race, It is a Journey and it is meant to be enjoyed. Never letting my passions destroy my dreams has helped me very much in my life today.

I also see this as never letting what I want at the moment affect what I want In he long run. This is very important to me because I look at things with an eternal perspective. I think of what will happen today, tomorrow, or even in a week after every choice I make. I believe every person should think like this and make decisions based off of this knowledge as well. My family Is the most Important thing to me In the inure world. When I talk about family I don’t just refer to the one I have now with 1 OFF my parents, out ten Tamely I will nave one cay. I am a very religious man Ana I pray for my wife and kids every day.

I pray that I can continue to make good choices and e blessed to be a great husband and father someday. That being said, every decision I make, I think of how it will affect my future family. Here is when decisions determine destiny comes into play. I want to become a great father, husband, brother and son, and set an example to all of those around me. I envision myself becoming very successful as I continue to put God first and my family second. As I do that and as I remember who I am fighting and working for, I will have what I am longing for. Humility, patience, and service are the keys to success.

Charity as well is an attribute I am working on developing. I know and believe that the decisions and choices we make now will affect our future generations and are the hinges of our destiny. One bad choice can change what happens years from now. I believe that as we control our passions, or what we want at the moment, our dreams truly can become a reality and we can experience a never ending happiness. I believe in eternal happiness and that comes from being obedient and being a good person. True happiness comes from within a family. That I am most sure of, and that is my destiny.

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Decisions Determine Destiny Essay
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