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In the following sample essay about the former empress who ruled China – Zetian. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Wu Zetian asked different people to use their gift for the well being of the empire by either working or volunteering. She also asked the teacher to compile different textbooks for agriculture and many systems of irrigation. This turned out to be a major success for the entire nation and for this Wu Zetian expressed her thankfulness with cutting tax.

This helped many people to earn more and lessened the class system. Wu Zetian control was termed as a crucial link in between the Zhen Guan control of Emperor Taizong and heyday of Kaiyuan of the Emperor Xuanzong.

Wu Zetian was a brave female who initiated the personal and educational system in her regime. She improved and developed the Education system of Keju which initiated in the Sui Dynasty in between 681 till 618. She had selected numerous people who were very talented in their respective fields without seeing their family status.

Also she gave much significance to the production of agriculture. She rewarded the officials who enhanced agriculture in their respective area and punished those who had levied too much tax on the workers.

These measures by Wu increase the production of agriculture. She also paid much consideration to foreign relations and also defense with setting an administration of military in the northwest region where the Silk Route was opened again after a phase of disruption. She asked all of the officials of the government from the bottom to the top level to find persons with different abilities who will help towards prospering the entire country and also fill all the post of the government.

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She gave the person who applied to these jobs with instant tasks only if they had the ability to learn and perform. All of the prime ministers she hired were said to be on of the most worthy and able prime ministers in the history of China. She also listened to all the remonstration and objections. She ordered different suggestions boxes to be installed around the empire where people can tell their problems so that they can be handled properly

In the reign of Wu Zetian, an influential national government was established with a affluent national economy and a steady community order. Where there were many positives in her regime there were a bit of faults as well. Wu Zetian appointed numerous officials who were cruel and their actions brought many problems to the people of China, also Wu Zetian killing both of her sons and also her only daughter to gain political power. Later in life she restored to Buddhism and built monuments and temples which were essential in the religion.

This inflicted a big burden on the labor and resources of the Chinese state. For her personal pleasure she kept her own men. After ruling fifteen years, she became ill in 705. When Wu Zetian found out that she would not get the respect of her family due to the corruption she was convinced to leave the throne and brought back Li Xian as the emperor and later died as a respected member of the family. She died at the age of 82 and was buried in the city of Xi’an next to her husband and Emperor Goazong.

Her plain slab tombstone which has no eulogy was positioned upon her personal request. She wanted that the people who will study her in future life would decide what her legacy was, whether it was a woman of character and strength or a cruel woman who only wants power. Conclusion Wu Zhao was a woman who was very modest at birth from a family who were merchants of wood. She always wanted to challenge the opinion of the public in the society of feudal and announced herself as the true empress of China.

Without any uncertainty this was a grave defiance to the ethics of the feudal, even though she was heavily condemned by her society she still managed to run the throne. If we look this through a chronological point of observation, we would say that she had some amazing ability during the fifty years she was on the throne. She managed to stable the entire society, strengthened the defense of the country and also developed the economy.

All of it along with the legacy of the past played an essential part towards the guidance in the peak of the society of feudalism including the Tang Xuan Zong’s Kaiyuan Period. She was one of the most cleverest and successful leader not only in China but also in the rest of the world.

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