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Willy Loman In “The Death Of Salesman” Is Paper

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Intro: Morning… The death of salesman comes to an end when Wily loan commits suicide, who is to blame for Willis destruction? Wily is to blame for his destruction by the way he lives his life in denial and with arrogance, the arrogance and Jealousy inside Wilily brings him down in the play. The American dream that Wily chases is also to blame but its Wily who decides to follow this lifestyle, which only leads him to guilt and depression. The play teaches us about an individual that leads himself to self- destruction by being arrogant and living in denial.

Wily is seen as egotistical in the lay especially after Charley his neighbor offers him a Job; Wily being offended by this declines the offer not only once but twice. Wily speaks “l can’t work for you, that’s all, don’t ask me why. ” This is Wily admitting he will never work for Charley. Charley loans Wily money whilst he doesn’t have a Job, Wily is happy to take Charley money but doesn’t want to work under Charley. Although he takes the money Wily is Jealous of the life Charley lives.

Just as charley gives Wily the money, he is quoted saying muff been Jealous of me all your life, you damned fool. Here, pay your insurance. ” This shows Wily who is trying to obtain a high standard of living while doing nothing constructive. This is how he is envious of people who are higher than him but will never work for or under them to start of with. The reason for this is because Wily see’s the only ideal life is living the great American dream. Wily see’s the American dream within his neighbor Charley and his brother Ben who also tells Wily to enter the “Jungle”.

Charley Death Of A Salesman

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This idea of the Jungle represents a interesting and exciting life, by stepping out into he Jungle Wily is obtaining a dangerous challenge that when overcome he can become rich and wealthy, like Ben his brother. This is how Wily arrogance keeps him out of work and leaves him to feel he has failed as a man.

Wily lives his whole life in denial and his pride makes him believe he was liked and popular. Which is evident in act one, he said: “They know me boys, they know me up and down New England. This is Willie’s arrogance making him believe that everyone knows him. Wily also lies to him self to make him believe that he has friends and is a high figure in society.

This is apparent in act one, when he quotes “Cause one thing, boys I have friends. I can park my car in any street in New England, and the cops protect it like their own. ” This is Wily living his life in denial and arrogance, this makes the realization harder and destroys him when he later comes to realism the true reality of his life it destroys him.

This indicates Willis arrogance and his denial towards his work and life. , Which eventually leads to Willis destruction. Wily leads a guilty life. The Death of a Salesman illustrates us on how Wily Loan’s guilt leads him to an unhappy relationship with his family. Wily is left feeling guilty after his son biff caught him having an affair with another woman. “Now look Biff, when you grow up you’ll understand about these things.

You mustn’t overemphasized a thing like this. This is Wily trying to explain to his son about life and trying to say that its normal to cheat and be unfaithful, this all ties together how Wily lives a life of denial and how he tells himself things to make himself believe that its okay to do these things. Biff makes his father feel guilty as he leaves he screams muff fake! You phony little fake! You fake! ” the repetition brings out what biff is emphasizing about the lies Wily lives, Biff storms off out of the room. This turns into Biff never forgetting what his father did and hating his father for it.

Wily also feels guilty towards his loyal loving wife that he cheated on. He comes into the room “Will you stop mending stocking? At least while I’m in the house. It gets me nervous please! ” The stockings in the play are seen as a symbol for heartache. Wily constantly gave his mistress stocking, so whenever Wily see’s the stocking it’s a reminder of how he should have given the stocking to his loyal wife. Symbolism is one technique Arthur Miller uses in the play to underline Willies mistakes and approach to life.

This relationship failures lead to Wily taking his life. Conclusion Everyone has choices in life and Wily loan took the wrong path in life with both his family and Job. What if Wily didn’t cheat on his wife? What if Wily had a strong family relationship with his boys? What if Wily wasn’t Jealous of the people around him? What if Wily loan took the Job he was offered? What if Wily Didn’t takes is life? All this is Why Wily Loan is to blame for his destruction? Apishly Main

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