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Death and Alienation in She’s Come Undone Paper

“She’s Come Undone” is a novel abundant with two extremely tragic themes: death and alienation. Throughout the book, Dolores shows the reader an accurate, emotional portrayal of the grief coming from death and the loneliness following intense psychological trauma.Our protagonist is in a constant struggle attempting to cope with these themes. Exploring these themes in detail will allow for the comprehension of the reasons for Dolores’ actions and decisions.

Before discussing specific events of death and alienation in Dolores’ life, an understanding of their effects is crucial. Death obviously has negative effects on one’s mental and psychological health (Dennis). Despite death being a natural part of everyone’s lives, it is one of the hardest experiences to cope with. Everyone deals with it in their own way and it affects others harder than others. The level of grief can be affected by way of death, the age of the deceased, relationship with the deceased, etc. Recovery can be an uphill battle. For some struggling with the loss of a loved one, they never recover and it can result in the destruction of one’s hopes and ambitions (Dennis). Depression is common among those dealing with death (Nguyen). This causes a long and hard recovery process often requiring medication or a therapist.

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Alienation is defined as a state of depersonalization or a loss of identity. This state causes individuals to experience feelings of powerlessness, meaninglessness, and normlessness. People do not feel part of any community or group of people. A cause of alienation could be the separation of one’s parents, going through a sentimental move, psychological issues, gaining a disability, or another traumatic event. Alienation can cripple one’s life leaving one void of meaning and happiness. Alienated people reject social advances from loved ones and society. They keep emotional distance and estrange themselves and even their own emotions….

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