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“Dear John” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Dear John”

After reading plenty of positive, though not, I would say laudatory reviews about this book, and I decided to see it. That’s three times in vain, but more on that a bit more.

After reading this novel, I was finally convinced that Sparks is not my author. Absolutely not mine. The main role was played by the plot. No, of course, the style of Sparks – a tearful love story, and the higher the level of tearfulness, the more readers, but in this novel the author has outdone itself. All the same corporate veil of naivete and romanticism, but, unfortunately, for some reason, the story developed on already badly beaten tracks. As a result, instead of a conventional novel, the novel turned out a dream. So it is a light, sugary romantic, infinitely pure and infinitely naive. Feeling that Sparks is so carried away by other novels that simply forgot to create something of their own. In this work clearly “heard” echoes, as read in the youth women’s novels and all the “soap opera” spinning endlessly on television. Immense beaten and dies gently blended with the timid author’s idea, but the author’s original idea is almost invisible in this mess. This is a huge minus Sparks, as the author. Categorically do not like me, and the hero of this novel – John. Probably, such a man – a dream or immature teenagers, or women of deep retirement age. Let me explain why. For young girls – John invented, caramel dream. So it is characterless, bland, no word. With the years, you can walk under the sun and listen to the incoherent babble of high love. He is so touching, sweet and sentimental, like a home animal. But for the beautiful retired John serves as a great substitute for a real man of cardboard. The same moon, the same prattle and again no movement in the relationship. Our hero – a brave soldier, but that this bravosti me was not enough. I did not see in it, neither man nor a war hero. Although it is the description of the harsh military life – the only thing that Sparks was able to write a good level

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As in “The Notebook” in the novel “Dear John,” Sparks casual raises complex disease.. This time the subject was the discussion – autism. This serious disease has been so vividly and realistically represented, that the rest of the plot line, for me personally, seemed superfluous.

Assessing his impressions after reading, I can say that the book deserves to 3 points out of 5.

All interested, enjoy your reading!

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