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Where is the American School of the Deaf located?
Hartford, Connecticut
When was the American school for the Deaf founded and by who?
1817, Laurent Clerc
What is the Mary Augusta?
The ship that carried Laurent Clerc and Thomas Gallaudet to America from France
Who established 41 deaf schools during his career?
Laurent Clerc
What did the Babbige Report conclude? When was it passed?
oral-only Deaf education was a “dismal failure”. 1965.
Who is Fred Schreiber?
Executive Director of the NAD.
Who said, “Ears are not important, it’s what between them that counts.”
Fred Schreiber
What is ASL acquisition for Deaf children dependant on?
visual communication strategies
True or False: The earlier a deaf child is exposed to ASL, the better it is for the ASL development as the child gets older.
What is RAD?
Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf, a national organization for deaf lesbian, gay, and transgenders
What do the quilts represent?
AIDS memorial quilt project in washington DC for the deaf who’ve died of AIDS
Name three deaf periodicals.
Deaf Life
CSD Spectrum
True or False: The deaf periodicals were written by Deaf Entrepreuners, Hearing editors, and Deaf writers
False, all were deaf
Who was on the cover of Deaf Life?
Ernest Hairston
Who was Ernest Hairston?
worked at US Dpt. of Education for more than 25 years
What was the feature story in the “CSD Spectrum” about?
Sicangu Lakota Sioux Deaf Indian, Leroy Eagle Bear, who rediscovered his identity and culture
What do many hearing parents hope a cochlear impant will help their child become?
True or False: Doctors and Audiologists have great understanding of deaf culture.
What do most doctors think of deaf children?
they need to be fixed to fit in with the hearing world
What is the term for the belief that speech is superior to ASL?
What is hearization?
the process where deaf children are forced to imitate and conform to the hearing world
What do some doctors view the Cochlear implant as?
financial gain
Who is Dr. Jim Cummins?
a bilingual researcher
What did Dr. Jim Cummins discover?
support for his theory that skills in one language can transfer to a second language.
What is a TDD (TTY)?
a teletypewriter device for the Deaf
What are TTY’s used for?
deaf communication
What is taking over the role of TTY’s today?
instant messaging and videophone
Who is DawnSignPress run by?
Joe Dannis
What are a few other Deaf-owned businesses?
Harris Communications, DeBee Communications, T.S. Writing Services and Anita Kroll Interiors.
What was the National Deaf Business Institute founded to provide?
a directory of Deaf-owned businesses, a mentorship program, and workshops
Who drew the charcoal drawing of Laurent Clerc?
John Carlin
What is Carlin Hall and who was it named after?
John Carlin and is one of the six dormitories named by Galleudet University
What is De’VIA?
Deaf Visual Arts Image that deaf artists use to symbolize their deaf culture and experiences
Name four deaf artists
1. Ann Silver, 2. Uzi Buzgalo, 3. Susan Dopor, 4. Chuck Baird
What is Martha’s Vineyard and what is it valued for?
an Island in mass where a large deaf community once lived; MVSL was developed there
What created ASL today?
MVSL (Martha’s Vineyard S.L.) and French sign language
Who painted “growth”?
Betty Miller
What does CISS oversee? What is CISS?
the international deaflympics; CISS is the oldest sports organization for DA people
When was Deaflympics founded and where?
in paris, 1924
How often is Deaflympics held?
every four years
Who provides relay services?
What happened at the 1880 World Congress for the Deaf? Where was it held?
held in Milan, Italy, where 150 hearing delegates showed up to lobby the use of sighn in deaf classrooms
True or False: at the 1880 World Congress for the Deaf, the delegates succeeded in banning sign in deaf classrooms.
What did the Milan conference meeting (the banning of sign in classrooms) lead to the development of?
NAD in 1880
What does the NAD do?
oldest and largest organization that safegaurds civil rights of 28 million Deaf /HH Americans
True or False: Sign language is universal.
What is Gallaudet’s landmark?
the Tower Clock
what is the mascot of Gallaudet university?
What is a Gallaudet tradition?
Freshman volunteer to shave their heads at the end of their first year
who founded the Youth Leadership Camp?
Dr. Frank Turk
Who is known as “Father of Deaf Youth leadership”?
Frank Turk
Where is the camp originally held?
True or False: A-Z stories are not popular in deaf culture?
Why have deaf clubs lost their popularity?
Advances in communication technology
What is the oldest club for the Deaf in the US? Where is it?
in New York, Called the Union league
Who drew the picture of Sugar signing “I Love You” and who was it modeled after?
Robert Johnson drew it and based it on his wife, Liz Morris
what historical game took place in 2000 and who was it between?
between Alabama School for the Deaf and Maryland School for Deaf-Fredrick, a football game
Who were the coaches of the Alabama School for Deaf and Maryland school?
ASD: Walter Ripley
MSD-F: Andy Bonheyo

(brother in laws)

What do people believe Paul D. Hubbard invented in 1890’s?
the football huddle
Who was the first deaf pres. of Gallaudet?
I King Jordan
Who was the first deaf president of A university in the US? what college?
Frederick AP Barnard, Columbia University
What is EYEth?
a popular, fictious planet among the Deaf community
What did Alexander Graham Bell believe?
the deaf people should be forbidden to marry each other to prevent deaf children
True or False: Alexander Bell was a CODA and married Mabel, a deaf oral woman.

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