2009 Dodge Charger Car

The following sample essay on the return of a classic muscle car, the 2009 Dodge Charger. Does anything symbolize the united States more than a sass’s muscle car roaring its high output engine at the beginning of a h mile drag strip? Well, maybe apple peel and football. But the good news Is that the American muscle car has experienced a rebirth and it may just be better than it has ever been. With the reincarnation of the Corvette, Mustang, Camera, and GOT, it seems that the days of American Muscle have returned.

However, when talking about the return of a classic muscle car, the 2009 Dodge Charger must not go unmentioned.

Its aggressive style and powerful engine homelike the traditional American “beast” unlike any other current retro vehicle. Sleek, stylish and affordable. These three adjectives Justly describe the 2009 Dodge Charger. The new modified Charger, has Improved In nearly every category since its introduction in the 2006 model, and has continued to sell in great numbers throughout the united States.

In a time of such economic stress and uncertainty it’s no wonder why an affordable American vehicle has been in such high demand.

With three distinctly different models including a fuel-efficient yet powerful 180 response engine in the SE to the Juggernaut 425 horsepower engine In the SORT-8 the consumer Is able to customize the car best suited for them. The new design of the Dodge Charger features a wide wheelbase, with an aggressive front end that seems to constantly be on the prowl as if scaring other vehicles away.

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Even with its aggressive look the 2009 Dodge Charger sits at over 200 inches long and contains ample room for not only 5 passengers, but also a significant amount of trunk space for luggage.


It can ultimately be described as the modern cycle car; A powerful vehicle with plenty of room, and enough technology to please even the biggest computer nerd. In fact, one of the more Interesting options available in the 2009 Charger Is a 30-gloated hard drive for storing digital music and picture files, which can be seen on the Navigation Screen, which also happens to show real time traffic updates. The exterior options also include a rear spoiler on every model as well as wheels that range from 16 to 20 inches.

The similarities in exterior design between the 1966 Charger and the 2009 Charger are amazing to look at. The lines on the car are so similar yet deferent enough to make your mind wander as to how Dodge was able to Incorporate the original beauty of the 66′ Charger with the 09′ Charger. The two vehicles both have an overall length slightly over 200 inches, and have a wide wheelbase of over 117 inches that is so distinctly a characteristic of the Dodge Charger. Fortunately, Dodge was successful in keeping the new Charger, Just recognizable enough to realize exactly what vehicle was the 2009 Chargers predecessor.

The Charger SE, the base model, has a 178 horsepower V-6 engine that gets round 25 MUG and at around $22,000 Its hard to pass up on such a stylish car. Of course, this model doesn’t exactly bring about thoughts of the gas-guzzling pedal to the medal vehicles of the sass’s. Fortunately Dodge has taken care of the consumers need for a vehicle meant to push the limits. The Charger SORT-8 has a 6. 1 liter 425 horsepower HEMI V-8 engine that pumps out over 6200 RPM and even has a functional hood scoop Just in case anybody doubted its muscle car credibility.

For around S anyone can roller one AT ten most excellent anon powerful American cars currently on the market. As to be expected with any large, extremely powerful vehicle, this model’s gas efficiency tips all the way down to around 13 MUG, which isn’t exactly ideal given the fluctuating gas prices of today. There is also a $1700 gas- guzzler fee, which is a tax applied to the sale of new vehicles that don’t meet certain standards for gas mileage, which must be paid for when the vehicle is first purchased.

The price for a mid-level 2009 Charger is certainly fair when compared to other competitors in its class. In fact, it is almost exactly in between the dollar price range which includes several other American vehicles such as the Cadillac ACTS, Chrysler 300, Ford Taurus, and Pontiac 68. When comparing exterior styling, the Charger seems to be the only one to stand out in this category of average looking cars produced inside the country.

It appears to break away from the boring American Sedan mold with its seemingly muscular skeleton that must have contacted Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez for some of their steroids. After driving the 2009 Dodge Charger it is clear to see the finely tuned transmission, and smooth ride. However, not everything about this vehicle is perfect. I quickly noticed that the turning radius compares to that of a significantly larger car such as a pickup truck and it is not ideal for maneuvering due to numerous blind spots from inside the vehicle.

However, if a driver can get used to these two negatives, the car is a very enjoyable ride for any auto enthusiast. It’s no secret that the American automobile industry is failing miserably and has done so for years. There may be some sort of quick fix involving some sort of government buyout, however more must be done to insure the future of the American car. It’s quite possible that these new remodeled muscle cars may Just be what the auto industry needs to save itself.

Specifically the Charger, along with many other new vehicles offer affordability, high performance, and style that reminds us of the old days while containing technology that makes us think about the future. The industry can no longer allow itself to be beaten by foreign competitors without taking immediate action. The combination of styling, performance, and affordability alone should be enough to make any buyer in the car market at least consider the 2009 Dodge Charger. Obviously, it is a well thought out and well-designed vehicle that screams with the patriotism that makes this nation as great as it is.

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2009 Dodge Charger Car
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