Shopping street observation

I decided to observe my local High Street in Mansfield Woodhouse, for its the main shopping road in what is known as our village. On City Road there are numerous shops that cater for other ethnic members of the community, my local Hight Street doesn’t as we have no such shops but we do have members of the community that would benefit from this service. We don’t have as many takeaways on our street to choose from that is one big difference we see with City Road.

But we do have similar things for example Colin the Newsagent (Making Social lives DVD, The Open University, 2009).

We have lost 1 local newsagent due to a large supermarket moving into the area but one did serve this change. Some places last longer then others with the change in the age range of the community changing more so at the moment, as more and more young families move into the area. We have a few small family run businesses that have served over the yours changing hands for generations just like Colin the Newsagent (Making Social lives DVD, The Open University, 2009) and B&R Motors (Making Social lives DVD, The Open University, 2009).

My local Hight Street is classed as part of the local shopping centre, were we have a supermarket, a butchers, chemists, newsagents among other things. The main differences between City Road and my local Hight street is the volume of traffic by vehicles as unless they are going from one end to the other or following the road round to the main car-park most people walk, so even though the High Street is the main road in the village it is no where near as busy as City Road so we have fewer traffic lights and predestination crossing paths.

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We also don’t have so many bollards on the footpaths. Our shops cater for a very different clientele to City Road as we have fewer call from other ethnic community members and our student population is none existent. So were as City Road has plenty of takeaways and restaurants my street has public houses where generations have socialised for years.

Being an old mining town we are surrounded by that history as-well and still plays a active roll to some people in there day to day lives. The old market square is a poplar meeting place for the older generation during the day, where they will sit and rest while shopping and talk to friends and family, during the summer it is very popular so most of our benches and bollards are based in this area along with lots of flowers and at Christmas this is where the tree is placed.

Even though not everyone knows each other there is still a sense of community as we are surrounded by the history of it, in our shop fronts and surrounding area. We have the same modern conveniences as City Road of course such as road markings, street lights etc, but there is a closer more of a family feel brought to there area because the area is mainly families who have lived in the area for generations and have played a active role in the up keep of the area and the up keep of it.

The things I observed on City Road remind me of a busy city centre with all the bollards and benches and the traffic lights, where as my High Street is of a old mining village that even though the village is as big as a town now, the close area around the High Street still looks like a small village were people meet to chat and enjoy the nice area and history that is maintained here. All of our shops and social meeting areas and buildings can be accessed by everyone regardless to there mobility.

Over all my High Street is mainly a community place to shop and see friends and family, wherever you want to go there is help and support to complete your task. Everything from the bollards to the street lights have been placed where they course the least of problems for people. Even though there is plenty for young people to access the general feel of the place is for the older people and the families from the area. From my observations of City Road on (Making Social lives DVD, The Open University, 2009) it is designed for the busy people to get what they want as fast as they can.

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