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DBQ US History Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: History

The British Colonies began to develop a great sense of identity by mid-1700. It was mainly due to new duties enforced by the British Parliament; British colonies, however, opposed them. British colonies found out that reconciliation was not possible. There was not any other way but independence. Independence would have never been achieved without a vital unity and a great sense of identity. Although British colonies thought that they were individual colonies and tried to separate themselves from each other, they were judged same and attacked same in time of battle. Somewhat ironically, this achievement of unity was started by the British. At the sign of potential war against France and the native Americans, the British government summoned an intercolonial congress to Albany in 1754. Benjamin Franklin addressed his concerns about colonial unity in an artistic way. In Document A, the snake is split into individual pieces and are thus powerless. The colonies could only survive war if they were to’Join’ and unite as one; If they failed to do that, they would eventually’Die.’ Colonies were very dependent on the Britain while going through the French and Indian war. Because of that, Britain decided to leave her army in America for defence, and tax colonies for that. Colonies did not like that, because they thought they do not need British army because enemies were gone. They became even furious when the British parliament imposed more taxes and more new duties on them: the Suger act, the Quartering Act, Stamp Act, and Townshend Acts. Colonists shouted of’no taxation without representation.’ Some colonists even promoted street violence and open confrontations with the British Army. Colonies were also united to enforce the Nonimportation Act, which prohibited importation from Britain. In 1774, the First Continental Congress was assembled to nullify all the acts enforced by British. They were determined…

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