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David Pool Paper

David Pool
Francis Marion Pool played a pivotal role during the Civil War in Missouri and he was the only notable Quantrell who survived the ferocious Civil War. It is believed that Captain Dave Pool died on May 30, 1899 due to prolonged illness. Dave Pool’s war tactics and strategies are best revealed during the Lawrence raid in 1863. Similarly, he undertook remarkable operations in March 1865 with Arch Clement, Jim Anderson and 144 other men in Sherman, Texas. There are many who hold that Dave Pool is named after the famous Revolutionary War guerrilla, Francis Marion who was also known as the Swamp Fox.
The Missouri-based band was formed in December 1861 by William Clark Quantrill and originally consisted of only ten men who were determined to right the wrongs done to Missourians by Union occupational soldiers (Longley & Eby, 2010). Kansas Jayhawkers and the Red Legs who have widespread in Missouri were their prime enemies. Quantrill formed a small guerrilla unit at the outbreak of the American Civil war that aimed to attack the small groups of Union soldiers. The growth of the army was so fast that it had many branches in various parts of the country. It should be noted that “Several times they came across their counterparts who were called the “Jayhawkers”, these were an unruly band of Union militia based in Kansas As the main aim of the Quantrill army was the wiping away of the Union Army, the Union Army commanders regarded him as an eye sore and therefore, declared him as outlaw and put prize on his head. They were, by no means, ready to acknowledge his fighting and as such they considered him nothing more than a desperado and free ranging terrorist, a loose cannon who lived by his own rules Army was not entirely true. The systematic procedures, like the official army with captain and other fellow soldiers, paved for the way for the growth of the army.
The underserved popularity made Quantrill more audacious that he attempted more attacks. One of…

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