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“Darkness in your eyes” Review Paper

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Essay on “Darkness in your eyes”

In the dark-dark city was dark-dark street was dark, dark house, in the dark, dark house was dark, dark entrance to this dark-dark street, and this entrance was dark-dark apartment in this dark, dark The apartment was dark-dark room, but lived and grieved Ilya Masodov in the dark-dark room, with the proviso that, as an individual, he is there, of course. These are the thoughts visited me when I finished reading one of the parts of the trilogy, “The darkness in your eyes.” All of us as a child went to summer camps and could not sleep any more without a lullaby, and without another horror story. “The darkness in your eyes” is very reminiscent of such horror stories, but says it is not a neighbor or roommate, wrapped a blanket, and a mysterious and surreal Ilya Masodov. And unlike the stories that we tell a child, “The darkness in your eyes” – a real horror story. To get a grasp at least the summary of the book “Roman Ilya Masodova” The darkness in your eyes “- a crazy story about the adventures of a blond girl vampire Sonja, who wanted to become a member of the Komsomol, and which was destined to find the first Scary Talisman and awaken from eternal Lenin sleep history it clean. friendship with semi-decomposed kids with chemical factories and confront the evil vampires, eleven dead guerrillas and Satan’s daughter, as well as the chronicle of a great battle on the streets of Moscow with the black hordes of the dead communists and sailors, led by Otori was a huge man-partisan Zhelezniak … “

The main characters of the book:. maniacs, pedophiles, cannibals, Satanists, vampires. Through it all has to pass a girl Sonia to wake Grandpa Lenin. Well, all this you have already read in the summary given above.

In this book will be all that is possible and impossible. And, perhaps, what can not be much higher. This is murder, and mockery of the corpses, and obscene scenes and profanity. And all this on almost every page. And if murder and foul language are nothing new, the remaining distortions in modern literature there are not so often that made printing Russian Ministry issue a warning to the publisher on the publication Masodova books.

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In general, if we ignore hard-concealed distaste for written and evaluate the product from the point of view of science fiction and horror, as thematic edition, the book is original enough, for what it can be safely put the top was. But do not forget that the “darkness of your eyes” – a book, still an amateur. On rare lover.

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