Characteristics of the Characters Danforth and Hawthorne

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In the following sample essay on the characterization of the characters Danforth and Hawthorne. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

The two characters could be seen as a representation of Senator McCarthy, given the similarities between them, including a deep rooted phobia. * Paris plays a part in influencing their decisions in court – The Devil lives on such confidences! ‘ . However, in Act 4 when it is clear to Paris that they will not confess, they do not listen to his pleas to delay the hangings, Detonator calling him ‘a brainless * Their fear and Insecurity cause them to be seen as ruthless and Irrational man’.

Edges of the case. This Is shown as they listen to Par’s, a very selfish religious leader who claims every defense is an attack on the court, and asks for court orders to arrest the people who signed the testament for examination. * For example, the Judges show absolutely no rationality when Putnam denies Giles’ accusation, that he “is killing his neighbors for land” and instead arrests Giles ruthlessly for contempt of the court.

They are also unable to detect Elizabethan natural lies to save her husband and continue to persecute him, despite this being common nature.

Detonator and Hawthorn’s treatment of Proctor reveals an obsessive need to preserve the appearance of order and Justify their actions as well as a hypocritical attitude about honesty. By this time in the play, It seems Impossible for them to question the existence of witchcraft. In the twisted logic of the court, It would not be “fair” to the twelve already hanged if the seven remaining prisoners were pardoned.

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Detonator * ‘A grave man in his sixties, of some humor and sophistication that does not, however, interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and case. * Detonator emphasizes his Importance and power, stating that “this is the highest court of the supreme government of this province” and asking “do you know that near to four hundred are In the Jails from Marbled to Lynn, upon my signature? ” He also has a strong belief in his own opinions and Judging, which makes him obstinate even when no proper evidence is given – “l have until this moment not the slightest reason to suspect that the children may be deceiving me. ” He also has a warped sense of logic * It is ironic how Detonator calls Paris “a brainless man” and yet he has listened to him In court.

Judges Danforth And Hawthorne

Hawthorne * ‘Bitter’ and ‘remorseless’. * His harshness is observed by the second thing he says after his appearance: they must both be arrested in contempt’. * In court he says little compared to Detonator, but interjects every so often to make an accusatory remark – With a gleam of victory he says ‘And yet, when people accused of witchery confronted you In court, you would He also ankles Tanat tender could De evidence Tanat ten hallucinate was not real, and this peaks when he refuses to postpone the hangings – Why, at every execution I have seen naught but high satisfaction in every town’.

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Characteristics of the Characters Danforth and Hawthorne
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