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Dandelion Wine Book Review Paper

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Essay on “Dandelion Wine”

– Doug, how can I have them for so many years did not see

-? Did you have other things to do

Childhood -. Happiest time. Everything seems special, new, bright. The whole world – a carousel that rushes forward, and you brings with it

When you read page after page of stories of Ray Bradbury “Dandelion Wine”, it seems that back in time to my childhood.. Writer so skillfully weaves a web of images, so masterfully recreates the atmosphere of the summer holidays of twelve Douglas Spaulding and his friends, that you begin to wonder if your not this summer, are not you running in Greentown, Illinois in the summer of 1928? Here you are with her father and brother gathering wild grapes and wild strawberries, listening to the old Colonel Frileya stories, ride on a green car with Miss Fern and Miss Roberta, or on a giant tram go on a picnic with friends …

Dandelion Wine Review

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Every day – a small life. Ray Bradbury wrote about his childhood, probably why it seems so real, so warm, so sweet, so fragrant, so ringing.

And it’s alarming. Very much everything is bright, it is very clear images for a story about a child. Bradbury science fiction, which this time acted as his biographer, wrote about the children and their parents. Only there is no question of “fathers and sons” for him. He resolved itself. Ray Bradbury told a very different, wonderful story where children are adults, and the elderly – even children. Each short story, the story of which is, youth and old age are close, shoulder to shoulder. They do not conflict. They – great friends: share experiences, help, support in difficult times

The story begins in the early morning on the first day of summer and the end of the dark night of August 31st.. Just three months have the author to tell us how important our lives, especially our past. After all, without it will not be present and will never come what we call the future. And the image of the past for Bradbury – dandelion wine, which in the cold winter evenings will remind you every day of hot summer .

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