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da vinci Essay

The Renaissance was a time of learning and culture exchange. Many people discovered what it was like to be someone else. Many others discovered ideas and doctrines and spread them throughout the world. In this time period, people learned to care and give more importance to improvement in society than emphasizing on a person's rank. However, during the Middle Ages, society was more based on the people's quality than the society's. The Renaissance gave birth to the printing press which led to a very well educated middle class.
One middleclass man named Leonardo da Vinci became the spotlight of his time period. Unlike most people, he was interested in about everything that the Renaissance touched. One thing he was very fascinated by was the subject of science. He took great concern in the Scientific Revolution, which included three types of activities: scholasticism, humanism, and experimenting. Da Vinci took part in all three of these which gave him the title of the Renaissance Man.
Da Vinci mastered in other areas and aspects of the Renaissance. He was also an artist who used his scientific knowledge to portray the perfect aspects of his works. He familiarized himself with the organs, muscles, tendons, and proportion of the human body. Because he was interested in anatomy, he based most of his works on that and so he achieved his goal of a perfect portrait, such like the Mona Lisa. His artwork always reflected the events or highlights of the Renaissance. The ideas of scholasticism, humanism, and experience are always depicted in his art work. His interest in anatomy also led him to the discovery of the circulation of the blood. But he stopped and accepted his theory that the heart was filled with invisible pores that pumped the blood in and out.
Da Vinci was also a mathematician even though his education was not that of an educated man. He had befriended many who had very formal education and had learned to beco…

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