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Cyber-Terrorism, Hacking, and Security Essay

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As the time goes by, human beings are living in a society that is significantly relying on information technology to conduct virtually all its activities. However, while the current technology can deliver numerous benefits to the firms and businesses, it also brings into the light new form of vulnerabilities that can be manipulated by tech-savvy personalities. These persons are known as hackers and pose significant and known threats concerning damage and disruption to information systems (Perry, 2015). In respect to technology, they are not the only criminal element that can cause havoc to the information systems but there are other more. Scholars suggest that the current technology is a potential tool for terrorist organizations to prepare and launch an attack in various dimensions. This further introduces alien threats to the national and global security. There are some challenges brought about by technological aspects such as Cyber terrorism and Hacking to the safety of individuals and that of a nation (Taylor & Liederbach, 2014).

According to Taylor & Liederbach, (2014) cyber terrorism stand as one of the biggest challenges in the society and even a worldwide problem for all humanity. Hackers gain massive publicity and power with a range of crimes they execute through cyberspace. These individuals get access to private information and money from the big business organization without any knowledge and detection. Hacking is a threat and a costly affair while cyber terrorism proves destructive force that exposes the nation to technology security vulnerabilities. As such, these activities have generated problems in today’s computer depended by society to perform various functions. Therefore, measures must be formulated and implemented to stop online criminals and cyber crime activities in the world.

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Taylor & Liederbach, (2014) enunciates that, in the modern world, the acts of Cyber Terrorism are manifested in various ways and, the…

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