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Building Customer Loyalty Essay

This data will then be used for a progression of reports to determine status of the purchase order as It runs through the system. The principle goal is by customer provide a precise status of a purchase order that is submitted electronically. Over the last 10 years our company has fought with lost electronic orders and no outlook into status. The appeal has been generated to produce a database for customer service to retrieve, to be able to have one click access to status of a purchase order effortlessly. Also vital is a register of any impending lost orders for search to confirm customers are not asking on orders we have not yet handled.

This will also help to outline metrics around order handling times to set standards for what is occurring today and create enhancements in those processing times. There will be seven tables in this database source system customer data, order data, corrections table data, comparison results table, drop ship corrections, end system data, and workflow status. The source system table will be comprised of columns for customer name, customer purchase order number, status, and transmitted date. The customer table will comprise of columns for customer name and customer number.

Corrections table will offer columns for customer purchase order number, system reference data, date received and error message. Drop ship table will consist of customer purchase order number and error message. Workflow table will merely have customer purchase order number and status. End system table will comprise the data related to the sales order, sales order number, order date, customer purchase order number, and order status. Lastly the comparison table will be the output results of assessing all the tables together against the source yester table to end with a complied catalog of all orders by date selection with each status point.

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Since customer purchase order number is the shared Join element from each table it will be the main connection point. Some of the data covers additional data In the same domain as the purchase order number so It will be essential to have logic that focuses on this to prevent replication of rows. The data design will be text or numeric based on the type of data to certify that joins work accurately. This database will contain macros permitting user to import all the data effortlessly without having o key information manually, as well as permit for manual entry of data.

It will also comprise of macros that complete the required reports so the users can implement one click reporting where conceivable. This will ensure stability in the output data. The data as It Is Introduced will be Joined to the primary tables Instead of generating new ones can time so Tanat over time tanner Is a comprehensive teases going Deck adequately to confirm users have sufficient data to offer status on any purchase order collected electronically. The primary scope of the database is orders located by EDI or electronic data interchange amongst customers and supplier.

The long term goal is to also comprise outbound invoice and advance shipping notification data to be able to do same evaluations by customer or date range with status of those documents as well. The advantage of this database is to deliver better control over our data management and be able to arrange for quicker replies to our customers when asking about incoming purchase order documents. Today the data is fragmented and not offered in one location rendering it tough to track the full status of a particular purchase order.

In conclusion the database will be managed by customer service and information system support personnel to deliver statements to customers on electronic orders. Retaining the reports for any orders that have not produced a sales order with one click response allows for customer service to be further proactive on possible lost order data. Possessing this data before the customer inquiries to get the request into the system and make available fulfillment updates once the customers demand will increase the affiliation between supplier and customer.

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