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Essay Examples on Custers Last Stand Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Custers Last Stand

Bloody Knife continued. “It is as I have told Long Hair: this gathering of the enemy tribes is too many for us. But he will not believe me. He is bound to lead us against them. They are not far away; just over this ridge, they are all encamped and waiting for us.Well, tomorrow we are going to have a big fight, a losing fight.”(Jackson 3.41-4) “In 1876 the army planned a campaign against the hostile Native Americans, then centered in Southwestern Montana Territory.

Custer’s regiment of 655 men formed the advance guard.”(Encarta 6.47) The Battle of the Little Big Horn has raised many questions and given few answers.Examining the historical background leading up to the battle and exploring the battle itself will give an accurate and appropriate description of what happened. The expansion of white men west of the Mississippi River, forced the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians back on to reservations.The treaty of 1868 at Fort Laramie gave a permanent home to the Native Americans. In 1874 Custer and the 7th cavalry went on an expedition for scientific purposes. Gold was found in the Black Hills on the Indian reservation, when the news got out, people flooded the area. This increased the hostile feelings between the Indians and white man.

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(Luce 7.61-63). The immediate reason for the campaign of 1876 was because of the order given December 3, 1875 saying “that unless they shall remove within the bounds of their reservations (and remain there) before the 31st of January next, they shall be deemed hostile and treated accordingly by the military force” (Luce 7.65). It was almost impossible for the Indians to “comply” with the order because of it being given in the middle of the harsh winter, and the limited time given to respond to the order. So the order was given on February 7, 1876 to start an operation against the hostile Indians (Luce 7.66).

2nd Essay Sample on Custers Last Stand

Americans often pride themselves for living in the “land of the free”. This is rather ironic considering that we stole our beloved country from its original inhabitants, the Native Americans. Not many people are aware of the severity of the numerous hardships the American Indians have faced over the years. Perhaps one of the most famous Native American conflicts is the Battle of Little Bighorn, also known as “General Custer’s Last Stand”. The end of the civil war marked the beginning of a large-scale westward movement of American Settlers.

The area surrounding the Black hills proved to be especially popular due to the discovery of gold. This proved to be a problem however, because this land already had occupants; the Sioux Indians. Tensions between the settlers and the Indians had been mounting as more and more miners and settlers ignored the Treaty of Fort Laramie, which had designated the area a reservation exclusively for the Indians. Many Indians were unsatisfied by the treaty and left the reservation, and the tensions continued to rise. In 1875 United States Government issued an ultimatum to all Sioux Indians.

The Ultimatum ordered the all Indians, even those who didn’t have anything to do with the treaty, to proceed to the Great Sioux Reservation. This outraged the Indians because their sacred Black Hills were not part of the Reservation and many did not follow the order. In response to there unwillingness to comply with the ultimatum General Phillip Sheridan, commander of the armed forces of the plains, decided that this mixture of Sioux and Cheyenne Indians were a threat and needed to be forced onto their reservation. Sheridan devised a three-prong invasion plan and mobilized forces in the Montana, Dakota, and Wyoming territories.

Essay Examples on Custers Last Stand

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