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Culture always builds on the past Paper

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Culture always builds on the past Is proved through lyrics and tunes, and two of the authors experiences. Specializes In digital sampling and mishaps. HIS stage name Is Girl Talk and he compares a variety of songs, proving culture builds on the past. A song by Muddy waters called, “you need love” Is very similar In lyrics to a song released many years before by a group called Led Zeppelin. It even sounds similar but of course has some differences in tune/pitch because it uses different instruments.

Another example is a song called “This may be the last time,” recorded by Staple Singers in 1966 and then n extremely similar song with again, same lyrics and rhythm was made by the rolling stone in 1965 calling it, “The last time. ” One finally similarity that proves culture build from the past is an instrumental called, “The last time,” by Andrew Lolled, released in 1 966 and then in 1997, almost the exact piece was then used for the song, “Bittersweet Symphony,” by the verse. Ten years later, Girl Talk used it and remixed it to make it his own in 2007.

All these songs were base off other pieces created years ago to be created into something new. They add their own creative spin on it to make it more original and their own because ideas are all based on other things to create new things. A personal experience the author had and still sees to this day that proves this statement happens all the time in school. Class projects are done all the time in classrooms of all subjects and almost all the time are based on previous works. A Spanish project the author had this month was almost entirely based on a previous work done by someone else.

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Of course creativity is added to make it more original UT it was influenced mainly off the previous work. This shows that culture always builds on the past and it is not Just the author who has done this but millions of others. Another example proving the statement with a personal experience by author was seen through the fashion Industry. Trends come and go all the time with different designers creating new fashion pieces from the past and from each other. The author once made five pairs of pants Influenced by a design from the ASS that became a trend this year.

The design was not stolen; It was built on because she deed her own pieces and fabric design to the pants Just Like the fashion Industry did when It brought back the trend. The fashion Industry and fashion In general Is deeply influenced by the past to create new accessories and clothing pieces. Magnificently proves this through his documentary to inspire the public to fight back for their rights. Every single idea is built upon the past and that is essential to creativity. The public domain needs to be in a healthy state so that ideas can freely build upon each other and copyrights be limited to controlling and destroying creativity.

Culture always builds on the past

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